Saturday, July 09, 2005

Friday, July 08, 2005

lickety list

On my last day of work, I feel a longing to indulge myself and share a few of my current favorite things with you!

Lickety List (early july-style)

Currently Reading: "Imaging Her Erotics" a collection of work, writings and writing by Carolee Schneeman, the art heroine of my teenage years.

Best Site to Fuck Off of Work on: . A teen girl site with lots of horoscope thingies, quizes, Gurl Guides (examples: Zinemaking, Thrifting, Videomaking etc...). Second site:

Fave blog: Once again, Hipless Boy...see side bar.

Fave food: Bar-b-q anything meaty, good cold beer, those fruit popsicle things, honey on everything, fresh from veggies in the garden- grilled.

Magazines: Venus and (dare I admit it) Vogue. Furtive leafings thru On Our Backs in the store.

Summer "must-have" item of clothing: vintage dresses. Easy, easy access, sexy and girlie. Its the hottest summer in MTL in awhile, take advantage. I am eyeing hot pants and short shorts, but generally shorts are a no go for me. Bikinis are good too, halter top style looks good on me.

Summer sex "must-have": The Bullet Vibe. Check Come As You Are in the side bar.

Summer Porn: this new DVD I found in the new releases at Movieland, something like From The French Brothels, early b/w silent porn, often funny but hot. The early camera work is awkward in many instances and reminds one of amateur sex video tapes. Lots of exuberance on behalf of the actors...I didn't get to watch the whole thing though- got interrupted...

I'm outta town for a bit and then I come back to bring LS3 to climax in August. Yummy.