Friday, November 20, 2009

Lickety Split #8-The Work Issue! Call for Submissions

Bust out your smutty toolbox and dust off those dirty, kinky boots, because We Want YOU! to submit to Lickety Split #8-The Work Issue!

Here at Lickety Split, we work hard, and we play even harder. Day and night, and 'round the clock, we get on our hands and knees through labour pains and stock market gains to deliver the best darn jobs we can.

Hey, baby, we know you work out, that you're working it out. We see you drilling those holes, grinding those axes and hitting the streets in your power suits. We hear you toiling away in your dungeons, hammering and nailing and sweating and serving. We know, you know, you're worth it when you're $elling your wares and jacking your price$$$.

Ca$h or plastic, for free or for a fee, let's get physical-we wanna see you work it!

Lickety Split urges you to submit your proposals for:
Kinky and crafty limited edition artist objects (e.g. trading cards, buttons, etc)

As well as our standing invitation for:
Models and photographers and guest layout artists
Essays, interviews & reviews
Short stories
Comics, drawings, and other sexy 2D art!

Submission Guidelines

Before you let loose with a huge torrent of porn and sex related ideas, please acquaint yourself with our photo guidelines and criteria.

Written work can be no shorter than 300 words but no more than 1500; please include a pitch and cover letter with your submission.

Models and photographers:
Please consult our full photo guidelines and technical requirements before you submit our idea! Photos must be 300dpi or higher and submitted in either a JPEG or TIFF format.

Please send submissions to

Deadline: March 1st, 2010

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