Thursday, June 23, 2005

Twisty New Thoughts Tightly Bound.

The new issue is rising up like some slow-growing, late season fruit from a large devil-ish plant. I can't wait to split it open and push my fingers into the wet mass pulling up the juicy flesh, pitted with seeds that shine like clouded eyes...I'm all excited about submissions like:

-masturbation mini-CD
-photobooth exhibitionists
-polaroids of various assholes
-essays on the art of pornmaking
-reviews of sexy experimental films
-self-portraits of yours truly

loads of things! And keep sending stuff.

Also, Lickety Split will soon be distributed in Ottawa and other places by Blackburn Zine Distro. Check the links for more info. Expect the third ish in late August /early September. Thanks for your patience, now that I'm graduated things will move along much more quickly!!!

lots of love,