Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sometimes Inspiration Cums on Wednesday

"I guess I'm lucky I was made a freak before I could choose to be one, cuz I got no illusions about the pseudo-rebellion that's being marketed at my generation. [But] the media and the corporations will always be a step behind life, and the true rebels, freaks and queers (and there are many) continue to write our own stories, to paint our own lives, to sew our own clothes and to sow our own seeds. We are the ones choosing to be our free and freaky selves, always making a scene in the most inappropriate places, spitting defiantly in the face of authority and its values, wearing our Friday-night best, dancing like fiends toward revolution. Life is a cabaret, my friends."

-Nomy Lamm, a self-described "fat, sleazy, one-legged anarchist dyke [and] a total hottie," in Fishnets, Feather Boas and Fat, 1998.

Photo of Cammie Mudflaps by J.Goldsmith.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lickety Split: Good fer what ails ya!

These two found themselves in the hospital this past February after a "get drunk and slide event". The gentleman in the gurney experienced a speedy recovery thanks in part to the latest copy of Lickety Split #6, pictured above! Thanks to Nabi and Tyler for passing this along. : )

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekly Video- Nightwood gives us

Lickety Split's founder Amber is in the band Nightwood and this is their first video! I'd say that counts as sexy, wouldn't you? You always remember the first time and all...(ps: Amber's the one with the red gloves on!)

For a better quality version of this video (made up of 7300 still images in sequence) click here! For more on the band, click HERE!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lickety Split is for Moms, Too

How awesome/cute is this? On a recent visit to Montreal, my Mommy insisted on purchasing the two most recent issues of LS so she could have them for her very own. A sweet kid with a spunky penchant for burlesque and dirty stories, I will always be grateful for having such supportive parents. For months my mother begged me to let her read "Something Hard on the Rocks" in LS #4 and in spite of a chorus of naysayers, I finally did. You know what her reaction was? "That wasn't so bad. From the way you warned me against reading it, I had expected it to be really out there." So, aside from now knowing my Mom might just have kinkier taste than I do, I've realized it's possible to come clean with my parents about my art. Heck, I even introduced my last boyfriend to my father at a drag king show while wearing little more than a negligee and pasties! Ok, I may be a little brazen, slightly insane and a whole lotta lucky, but the point here is that it can be just as important for us smutsters to receive recognition from those family members we hold near and dear. And I say, give these people a chance. You never know when it could be your mom/uncle/little brother flying the flag of Lickety!

Monday, April 07, 2008

slowdance oddcast

(lickety split oddcast no. 6 side b)


a little warm up for the big slowdance prom on april 11 at sala rossa, promised to be "The Most Important Night of Your Life!"

"Door Prize Pack Draws!
A Lending Library of Resident Dancers!
A Photobooth for the Fashion-Passionate!

The night will be lit by a Mirrorball & the
Projections of Prom Scenes from over 20 movies!

Dress Fancy! Fantastic attire, while not
required, is greatly desired.

This is a queer & senior friendly event."

i won't be there. i don't dance. though i do enjoy sitting in the dark. this really does sound like a lovely evening, and i wish i was more of an extrovert.

then again: who would make the oddcasts?

oddcast dance card

"no moon at all" by nana miskouri
"something's on your mind" by karen dalton
"maggot brain" by parliament
"open heart surgery" by brian jonestown massacre
"blue melody" by tim buckley
"oh deed i do" by donovan. (ALL HAIL DONOVAN!!!)

plus some tv on the radio, stephen mcgreevy's recording of the earth's magnetosphere and dan gibson's swamp sounds.

for more info on the actual slowdancing (april 11) check out, and

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weekly Video -- Avenue D is a dirty bitch!

VoilĂ  the always filthy Avenue D with "Punk Rock Song" -- pound for pound, these ladies manage to cram more DIY raunch into a music video than most celebrities can squeeze out of an 'accidentally' released home sex movie.

PS -- If you cum right now, you're dead.