Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Highly Fuckable

if i could fuck one decade it would be the nineties.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nominate Folks You Desire/Respect/Admire for The Highly Fuckables List! And, get the Dead Dolls to solve your Workplace Woes!

It's that time again, loverrrs! As we speedily put together Lickety Split #8: The Work Issue, we need YOU to let us know who should be on the Highly Fuckables List!

Do you know anyone you wanna nominate? Yourself maybe? It's okay. Do it. We won't tell anyone.

So, once again, let's make a big list of names of those you desire/respect/admire so that they can be included in the next issue of Lickety Split smut zine (coming out June 4th - save the date!)

So, these get PUBLISHED. So you gotta really want it, you know? Like you really gotta mean this naming of names, this big-upping of loves/friends/lovers. Once again, it's totally secret. So. Let's start! Send suggestions to "sarah AT licketysplitzine DOT com".


Photo by Andrea Joy

This issue we are proud to present a new feature: Ask The Dead Dolls--a sex advice column brought to you by the sauciest, most "experienced" zombshells in town!

Having a sex-related quandary at work? Why not write in and see if these undead hussies can't help you make your boss's/co-worker's/clients's eyeballs pop with pleasure?

Don't delay! Send suggestions to "sarah AT licketysplitzine DOT com".


I finished school today and summer has flung itself on my doorstep. And I say, there's no better way to celebrate than to vote Lickety Split for Montreal Mirror's Best Maga/zine (obvi) and listen to Best Coast. The music perfectly cultivates a summer time breeziness… lazy wine drinking, pool hopping, rooftops, dancing to S Club 7 and rollin up the rim on a Horny Tim's coffee cup (WIN!) The California duo make me want to ride my bike down Parc street when its morning and the air is balmy singing out loud "I thought of you-ooooh--ohh-oooh-oh" and not caring who sees me (well, kinda caring, but not enough to stop). They make me want to fall onto that mattress on the floor in a shoe box bedroom with no air conditioning and make out for hours and hours. Best Coast makes me wanna smoke a joint, in a meadow where the grass is tall and the sky is blue (and I don’t even like weed) Bethany's voice purrs out, right at you - she sings about wishing you liked her more, how she has fun when she’s with you, how there’s something in the way you say her name. I went to the show the other night and when she sang, “I want you. I want you...soooo much” I wanted to scream, “I’m yours! I will fuck you right here, right now.” In my best (coast) fantasy, she blinks her doe eyes at me, sways behind her guitar and simply says, “Rad.”

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vote for Lickety Split in the BOM!

Dearest Lickety Loverrrs,

When you're voting for this year's "best of Montreal" in the Mirror, please remember to vote Lickety Split smut zine in the best maga/zine category!

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, April 21st at Midnight.
Vote at this link: http://bit.ly/9VT0tG

As always, thanks for yr smutty support!
Lickety Split smut zine

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vintage Vandalizm

I love this blogger...words that come to mind: sexy, strong, driven, pin up, creative, sassy! Shout outs to Lickety blog reader Becky for getting me on to this fabulous woman!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Confession number one: I googled "Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery" tonight. But why!??? You may be wondering. You see, I had a girl crush on Heidi when the hills first came out and I was disturbed and also fascinated by the bizarre transformation she underwent. But I can tell you this: My girl crush has evaporated along with all that was natural about Heidi.

Confession number two: I also watched videos of Heidi discussing her operation. I GOT SUCKED IN, like the fat on Heidi's leg that was injected into her bum cheeks.

Confession number three:
Youtube led me to watch this video posted above of Lauren Conrad on Lettermen. It made me so uncomfortable!! The guy started talking about her alleged sex tape and the tension through the screen was so intense I felt I could cut right through it with a knife. (Insert Heidi Montag Botched Surgery Pun HERE)

The reason I am posting this video is because I like how when the interviewer makes a pervy comment, Lauren clearly shows discomfort, and makes the interviewer crawl into his skin. The rest of the interview is awkward and cringe-worthy, but who cares? And although Lauren could have been more verbal, I like how she allowed the moment to get weird, instead of just letting t it roll away and disappear into the "DAMN that made me so uncomfortable and mad! I wish i said something or did something to let them know that was not okay" category of her brain.

Confession number four: It's something I'd really like to work on myself.

I really can't see myself getting so antsy about a sex tape...but If it were me on the show (live television eeeek) and he made a pervy comment, I would probably laugh it off and make a joke about seeing him naked or something, a comment which would make it possible to avoid dealing with the uncomfortable feelings brewing inside of me. I think this video serves as a good reminder to face oppressive comments straight on no matter where I am or who I am with. To engage discussion and thoughtfully address whats ticking me off.

I find Lauren Conrad as boring as a doornob for most of this video (can't she say anything interesting?) But at least she sticks to her guns...if looks could kill the guy would have been dead on the spot.)


Monday, April 05, 2010

Itty Bitty Titties ( . Y . )

Most movies bore me to tears. I tried watching "Taking Woodstock" last night and turned it off after twenty minutes...So slow! No story! Who cares?! But I absolutely LOVED "The Itty Bitty Titty Committee". The movie won a slew of awards, and was directed by the same woman who made "But I'm A Cheerleader". It's a radical lesbian feminist coming of age story thats political and sexy...and well, it makes me feel good about my Itty Bitty Titties
( . Y . )

Lust for LIfe: An all 70s/80s Queer Dance Partay!

Saturday April 10th--Eastern Bloc--9:30pm-3:am

Sors ton spandex et paillettes pour ton meilleur look Disco/Glam des années 70 – or your black eyeliner and lace New Wave/New Romantic look from the 80s!!

Glam hip hop ska
Funk new wave disco
Pop Soul punk

DJ Noisy Nora rockin’ it all night long!!
Elle va vous faire bouger toute la nuit!!

Viens t’amuser et danser pour seulement $8!!!
Dance the night away for only $8!!!
Eastern Bloc- 7240 Rue Clark

Who/Qui: Les femmes queer/trans and their friends!

What/Qui: An all 70s/80s Queer Dance Party!!
Cruise les filles et bouge tes fesses!!

This looks super fun, y'all! See you there!