Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lickety Split #4 -CALL FOR SUBMISSION!


Let your friends and foes know that Lickety Split #4 is in the works
and the new submission date is SEPTEMBER 25TH!

Lickety Split is inviting artists, writers and perverts to contribute
to the 4th issue! We desire:

- People interested in collaborating on photo stories as a model, set
designer, or photographer
- Limited edition artist multiples: for the first 50 copies we invite
artists to submit a proposal to be have their work included in the
limited edition copies
- Short stories, essays/articles and interview ideas. We ask that
before you submit your interview/essay/article that you submit a short
proposal in order to make sure that the content fits with our given
- Launch party ideas/proposals/collaborations!
- …The feeling you had when you stomped on your new distortion pedal
for the very first time…
- …And the feeling you got when you pulled your much-practiced dance
move on a real dance floor, not your living room floor
- Lickety Split encourages members of traditionally disadvantaged
groups to participate and SUBMIT!

For more information and to acquire detailed submission details, do
not hesitate to contact us at " a (at) licketysplitzine (dot) com "

Visit , site available September 1st!

Stay tuned for a mini web-launchette early this fall!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Issue #3 Bios!

Here they are!

Charles and Giddy .

Evie Farmer is a graduate of Concordia University's Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal. Raised on a farm
in rural Alberta and currently residing in Montreal, Evie is a dedicated scholar, activist, and artist of many media. She is eager to continue collaborating in the growth of Canadian cinema and strives to present poignant narratives and socio-cultural issues with authenticity. Her work also includes writing, photography, and erotic art.

Tom Fennario is currently writing a one act play for the upcoming Montreal Fringe Fest. His friends call him Tommy and he likes spaghetti suppers, but he's not Italian, even though his last name sounds like it is. Go figure! All Tom Fennario related inquries can be sent to

Shannon Gerard loves coffee, conjoined twins and sad little things. She is currently hurtling toward the completion of an Interdisciplinary MA at York University (focusing on life writing and comics), but Shannon can also be found snuggling a
needy cat, collecting rubber bands, or making small books and prints about loss.

Amber Goodwyn is a film and video maker, a radio host and zine-making pervert. She is learning how to use her new sewing machine.

Jess Grosman got a polish haircut and now she has bangs. she is writing this in the director of akademia in Jana Dlugosza's office in Czestochowa, Poland. this may be the fist step to taking over the world.

Eric Hanson is the embodiment of sexual virility and artistic creativity. He spews forth his thick, sticky creative juices in generous quantities. He doesn't sleep very much, as he must keep watching and waiting.

Natasha L.

Billy Mavreas self-identifies as a SF&F artist. He is slowly realizing that Horror can no longer be denied and is currently negotiating a subtle transition.

Robin and JP.

Mike Rollo is training to be an ass-tronaut.

Yarika Rose tends to throw his heart around like a basketball, willing to share a play with pretty much anyone. More of his musings can be found at the non-blog

Erin Ross plays music in Farine Five Roses and is reattempting school. Check out

Michael Shu: In the name of art, science and the male libido, Michael Shu has gotten lucky with 84 different peeps and counting. He has managed astonishingly to remain STD free. Add your name to the list: .

Preston Sidwich has been thinking dirty gay thoughts in Montreal for a while now but has just started writing them down. He is always hunting for new ideas at

Anna Sikorski is a graduate of Concordia's fine Film Production program. She persists in writing, making films and thinking out loud.

A. Suparak, a Los Angelina-Brooklynite failing to be Quebecoise, likes to ask people about sex in ways they can remain anonymous. Find other contact and non-contact sports (sometimes involving sweaty teens) at


Sherwin Tjia, since the age of three, has been gathering the salient and delightful bits of his life in shoeboxes - one for every year. Drawings, photos, clippings, ideas, sketchbooks, bus tickets, favourite toys, delicious events, favourite books (ones that changed his very molecules) and diary journals pack these boxes. And at his funeral, all his friends will get one each.


Veda. Bridget Williams is a photographer and all-around cool lady. Check out her site

Thanks to all of you! -LS