Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Changing Sexual Identities in the Wake of Iran’s Sexual Revolution

This presentation explores both the ways sexuality has been regulated in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the responses to this regulation - which have resulted in the transformation of intimacy, citizenship and subjectivity. The presenter focuses on the changing conceptions of heterosexuality and homosexuality which move from a rejection of the hetero/homo binary to a new sexual identity constructed amongst the youth in Tehran and in the Iranian blogosphere which is translating into an ‘on-the ground’ social movement.

Pardis Mahdavi, PhD is currently a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, on leave from her position as assistant professor of anthropology at Pomona College. Her first book “Passionate Uprisings” focused on the intersection between sexuality and politics in post-revolutionary Iran, while her current work looks at trafficking, labour and migration in the Persian Gulf.

This is being put on by Concordia's Sociology and Anthropology Student Union and should be really really interesting, so check it out!!!

Thursday, October 29th
Concordia University's Hall building RM#H-763

Faggity Ass Friday: Queer Zombies Attack!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! <----- this is how excited/terrified I am.

Friday October 30th
The Playhouse
5656 Avenue du Parc

Bring your fierce. Wear your costume. Protect your brains.
Friday, October 30th 200910pm-3am
The Playhouse (5656 Avenue du Parc)
$10 suggested donation; all money goes to the Sense Project, Head & Hands’ holistic, queer-friendly sex education program

Dismembered DJs:
DJ witch tit, DJ fancypants

Spooky sounds:
On Bodies
Nicky Click

Deadly Drag:
Miss L'n'Q and her Drag Hoes

Haunted Hosting: Jessica Rabbit

Gay Zombies... Need I say more

For those of you who like a little teeth

Is this taking the recent vampire revival to a whole new level, or what? Ever thirsting (sorry) to exploit the latest craze, this fleshlight in a soda can (wtf) is purported to really get your blood pumpin'. Just whip it out and soon your Eric Northman fantasies will be that much more vivid-or so they promise:

Polish up your stake and drive it into this soft, vampire mouth for an orgasm that will wake the living dead. Packing the same punch as the original Fleshjacks but housed in a compact soda can and featuring the exclusive Vampire Fang inner canal texture not found on any other Fleshjack product.

"An orgasm that could wake the living dead" - Sounds like the Dead Dolls will be getting a lot more bookings in the months to come.

Complete with a smutty photo gallery of some lucky dude getting his ahem, "stake polished," as well as a sexy video (which, sadly, I could not embed), the Count Cockula website is a must see.

Promise me you'll check it out, if only so you can come back and explain to me the connection between "a cum shooting experience so terrifying" and a soda can. Again, wtf.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smut on the Dance Floor Pics!!

Mitra lookin' sleek 'n saucy

The first edition of Smut on the Dance Floor was a smashing success! Thanks so much to everyone who came out, volunteered and contributed their time. We couldn't have done it without you!! Stay tuned for news about our next event, which is sure to be even hotter and smuttier. What an effing good time. Srsly.

Lickety Split

DJ Mitz and Lickety founder & wonder woman, Amber

Everyone gettin' down on the sweaty dance floor

Lickety's fundraiser, Julie, doing double duty as DJ Muscleman

Me and art director, Lara, vamping it up!

Supr Fossl Powr killed the dance floor

So many smiles

An amazingly fun night!

Three cheers for DIY publishing, sex positive expression and all our wicked smutsters! Whoo hoo!

Cock Block Rock

"Abstinence rules! Playing is for fools!" from Michael Sweets 1994 self titled debut album.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A bit of news and a gros merci!

Photos of Amber and Kathleen at Lickety Split #7 launch costume, of course! Kathleen is the teletubby and Amber is the shooting star!
Hey lovelies,

It's been a long time since we rock n' rolled, hasn't it? Well, it's time again for bulging pants and sticky panties! As you must have heard, Lickety Split smut zine is launching a new monthly dance party to offset printing costs for the next issue. Cum on out and party in support of the magazine you lust after! Check out the party details right here:

Also, just so's you know: Lickety Split smut zine has been taking time this year to freshen up and make some much-needed changes. Along with firming up our fundraising strategies, the Lickety team is transitioning by incorporating new collaborators (Sarah, Lara, Mitra and more!). You can contact Sarah directly at A couple of names you might recognize and some you will get to know better in the coming months! Some of us other Licketys (Amber and Kathleen) are moving on to heavy pet with some new projects, but we will still be out and about working in smaller ways to make Lickety Split the best indie porn mag it can be! We thought it would be nice to let you know that we've appreciated all the sweaty, turned pages over the years and that the new team is hotly pursuing the next issue of "guilt free and fun smut for everyone!" (2008 Expozine awards). Thanks for all the incredible support over the years, from the bottoms of our apple bottoms.

Stick around for more filthy fun and support Lickety Split!

Amber & Kathleen

Friday, October 16, 2009

Smutty Pride

Check out this rad poster for Smut on the Dance Floor, created by one amazing Katie Shamash!


I am so pumped!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


UP YOURS! the monthly queer dance party is tomorrow night y'all!

This time around there will be three burlesque acts starting promptly at 11pm, so don't miss it.

It is also the first release party of the The Rimjobs, yeah that's right they are called The Rimjobs and they are going to adequately lube you up for the dance party after the performances.

DJs include:
The Salvation Army
Disco Geek

Also special appearance by RPM (Roving Party Machine)

Be there, it's going to be awesome!!!

Lickety Split Presents: Smut on the dance floor!!!

This is our first monthly dance party fundraiser. Excited? Because we are!

Come out to WOOF bar to support DIY publishing, and our sex positive community of writers, artists and performers.
Indulge your inner/outer exhibitionist/voyeur/dancer with the sexiest peeps to walk the block.

It will be a booty shaking, pelvic grinding, sweaty body touching, luscious lip kissing, naughty nipple showing good time.

The marvelous musical stylings of:
DJ Noisy Nora
DJ Muscle Man
DJ Mitz
DJ Horsecock
Supr Fossl Powr

Just wait, there's more!
Dirty Photo Booth
Peep Show
Kissing Booth

$5 Dollars at the door and all proceeds go to fund our next launch!

PS. If anyone is interested in volunteering let us know!
PSS. Tell all your friends too!


Friday, October 23
10 pm-3 am
WOOF Bar, 1661 Ste-Catherine, E.
Metro Papineau


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Very Seductive Scent

Yum! Sexy car-gasms in Paris. If YSL can promise me this, all the time, I may just buy myself a bottle.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Hardcore Pussy

Everyone needs a little love on a rainy Friday night.

Iran in My Heart

Have you checked out Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel Embroideries, yet? It's been out for a little while now and I finally devoured it in one sitting this past weekend. An intimate, humourous and intelligent portrait of a few Iranian women's views on sex, love and marriage, it is a must read.