Monday, April 24, 2006

Flyer Fucker

Worn Fashion Journal #2 launch

In addition to theLickety Split 3 launch

Launch reception for WORN Fashion Journal and CVP: Trial 2
Curated by Clayton Evans

An evening of new fashion creations, publications, music and treats. The reception marks the launch of the second issue of WORN Fashion Journal and the Consistent Variable Project: Trial 2 (CVP: Trial 2) – a mail-art kit and online exhibition. Come on out in your hottest dancing shoes and sharpest threads to meet WORN’s editor, CVP: Trial 2’s curator, and many local designers and artists. Doors open at 9pm at Club Lambi. Vintage vinyl will be served up for you to dance the night away. This event is hosted by - Canada’s online arts community.

WHERE: Club Lambi, 4465 St. Laurent Montréal, QC
WHEN: Thursday, April 27, 2006, 9pm-3am, Fashion Show, 11:30pm
WHO: WORN Fashion Journal, Bias Montreal and

CVP:Trial 2
Clayton Evans is a Montreal based designer, curator of CVP:Trial: 2, and
co-founder of Bias,a network that aims to build a supportive, creative
community where designers can interact with artists from different
disciplines, encouraging the open exchange of skills and ideas. This
winter, in partnership with, Canada’s online arts
community, Evan’s mailed 13 identical, CVP:Trial 2 kits containing a
limited selection of materials to emerging artists across Canada. See the
unique and compelling collection, created by the artists that tackled the
month-long design challenge, live in Montreal for one night only and
online at:

CVP:Trial 2 Artists
Mathias Archambault (Montréal), Agathe Bodineau (Montréal), Lenny-Pier
Bovin (Montréal), Julie Clark (Montréal), Steven Dam (Toronto), Brette
Gabel (Regina), Jessica Ann Godley (Vancouver), Elaine Ho (Montréal),
Francois LaLumiere (Montréal), Melissa Matos (Brossard), Noor Salma
Merali (Copper Cliff), Zeesy Powers (Toronto), Colin Seymour (Halifax)

Worn Fashion Journal
Montreal publication WORN explores and celebrates unconventional and idiosyncratic fashion from all eras. Highlights of issue 2 include an in-depth history of the bustline, a fashion shoot in a room full of pipe cleaners along with Worn’s trademark clothing haikus and streeter fashion finds.

Bias Montreal
Clayton Evans, a Montreal-based designer, curator, and founder of Bias Montreal network, mailed 13 identical kits containing a limited selection of materials to emerging artists across Canada last winter. See the unique and compelling collection created by the artists as they tackled a month-long design challenge. The Bias Montreal network aims to create a supportive and non-competitive arena where designers interact with artists from different disciplines to encourage the open exchange of skills and ideas.

www.terminus1525 is a national online art community funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and administered by the Canada Council for the Arts and zinc Roe design.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Lickety Split # 3 Zine Launch!
The Goods, Sala Rossa 4848 boul. St Laurent
With an after party at Red Bird Gallery 152 Van Horne
April 29th, 10pm, $10.

Lickety Split is a smut zine that comes out once a year. Each long-awaited issue is a handcrafted/collaborative/sex-positive affair with sexy silk-screened covers: a total labour of love and lust. Issue #3 is the most thrilling, smuttiest and picture-filled issue yet! Lickety Split continues to be pansexual in its approach and content in order to cater to a diverse audience, acting as a platform for different tastes to mingle and collide. There are about 20 contributors who submitted to this issue including Astria Suparak, Billy Mavreas, Shannon Gerard, Sherwin Tjia, Anita Schoepp, Evie Farmer, Tom Fennario and many others.

Lickety Split is spreading its smutty little legs for a wider audience, branching out of indie-rockdom-art-schoolery with a dance floor show to change things up a bit! The Goods is put on by two solid Montreal DJs, Andy Williams and Scott C, and this evening features guest DJ Ty G (HVW8 from LA). Afterwards, folks can head over to Red Bird Gallery for some late, late night revelry.

See you there motherfuckers.
Amber xo

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Fat Clothing Swap

- Picture is of self-defined 'fat girl' Beth Ditto of the band The Gossip (also pictured)

Need Clothes?

The Fat Clothing Swap
For Fat, Fabulous and Funky
Femmes and Fellas.

Thursday, April 20th, 6-9 pm

Clean out your Closets and bring your unwanted
and unworn clothes down to the 2110. Come, hang out
and get a new wardrobe while youre at it!

for sizes 12 and up (1x-6x)

This is a FREE, scent-free event. Trans folks are encouraged to attend.
S'il vous plait, acheminer... (La version anglaise suivra) ...Please
forward widely...
T'as besoin de vêtements?

Échange de vêtements pour grandes tailles
T'as du style, du chien, des rondeurs?
Pour les nanas et les mecs.

Jeudi le 20 Avril de 18H à 21H

Fait le ménage de ta garde robe et ammène avec toi au 2110 tes
vêtements que tu ne désire plus.

Du plaisir et une nouvelle garde robe sont aux rendez vous.

Pour les grandeur 1x à 6x (12 ans et plus)

Cet évènement est gratuit et sans parfum. Les personnes transexuelles
et transgenres sont les bienvenue.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Check it out! I'm the new co-host on the CKUT sex radio show AUDIOSMUT! The two other women who I am now in dirty partnership with are Sara and Stephanie. Together we kick out this monthly radio show, the first wednesday of every month from 6-7pm during the regularly scheduled Hersay hour!
So that means we're on air tomorrow, check out 90.3FM at 6pm or go online to visit CKUT to check out RSS feeds and archives.

Some of you may remember that I was intially interviewed on AUDIOSMUT about a month ago or so and now I'm moving up, baby. Since it's a monthly gig, we have been focussing our energies on crafting theme-based shows for the next 6 months, with titles like 'Going down on the aisle' and 'First Time for Everything'. Look out for flyers here and everywhere advertising these future shows!

Tomorrow's show will be a grab bag of music and short interviews and current affairs stuff as we will be focusing our energy on fundraising for the CKUT Annual Funding Drive. As you may remember, CKUT had a recent brush with radio death when McGill University initiated a referendum to see whether their student population wanted to continue to financially support the station. Thankfully people voted in favour of supporting the station. Here's more about the Funding Drive:

CKUT's 17th Annual Funding Drive - LiveWire
March 30 to April 9, 2006 - 30 mars au 9 avril, 2006

As CKUT steps into its 18th year on the frequency dial, many have come to call these walls home. CKUT has opened its doors to everyone, creating connections in every nook and cranny on the grand isle of Montreal. Individuals and organizations of the like have used CKUT as a stepping stone when no other avenue was open to them. Giving the support and encouragement that every person needs to flourish, CKUT has many success stories accredited to it.

With this success we honour those who have laid the groundwork and made CKUT who it is today. It is a lifeforce like no other-giving birth to new connections, allowing people of different walks of life to come together. As with most family units, ideas can sometimes collide, resulting into an atonal sound. However, when the brainwaves do connect a glorious sound can be heard from the top of the hill. The walls that hold up CKUT are as colourful as its history, leading listeners and its kin into another exhilarating 18 years.

Pledge online with the 2006 Funding Drive Secure Online Form or call 514.398.8991 to make your pledge over the phone.

A l'aube de sa 18ième année d'existence, Ckut est pour plusieurs une deuxième famille. Cette place privilégié, Ckut ce l'est mérité en gardant ses portes ouvertes à une diversité de Montréalais et de montréalaises de culture, de race et d'origine diverses. Ckut fut la pierre angulaire de plusieurs organisations et individus alors que l'on doutaient d'eux, ici ils ont reçu le support, les ressources et les encouragements nécessaires pour tout épanouissement. Ckut est donc fier d'avoir contribué à la mise sur pied de plusieurs projets qui furent des succès retentissants.

Ckut ne serait pas ce quelle est aujourd'hui sans reconnaître la contribution de ceux qui l'on bâtit au fils des ans. Ckut est un lieu de création et de vie comme peu, ici des réseaux d'entraide, de communications, d'actions et de créations se développent permettant à des gens de toutes les avenues d'échanger. Comme toutes les familles les idées ne sont pas partagés par tous et toutes mais elles sont entendues, respectés et un espace privilégié pour un vrai dialogue est créé.

Et , si vous écoutez bien, des miracles ont lieu sur les ondes lorsque des échanges véritables et authentiques ont lieu et que la vérité ce fait entendre grâce à la diversité des voix. L'histoire de Ckut est aussi coloré que celle de ces murs il n'en tient qu'a vous d'apporter votre touche personelle!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Mark it down in your dayplanners: April 29th at Red Bird Studios. More details to cum!