Tuesday, July 31, 2007

lickety split oddcast no. 0

Recorded music is static. It is recorded and there it is, as it is. And how it always will be.

It is completely insulated. And though we can reach at it, we will never penetrate into that terrifyingly perfect world of the song.

This is why some people are vinyl junkies: they’re addicted to the random pops. This way each time is different. This way each time is the only time.

And this is why the oddcast is so busy: it’s an attempt to lift music from the precious and perfect and wholly unattainable, and back into the familiar world of beautiful imperfect uniqueness. Mud on the ponies. Work in those sneakers.

We may all hear these sounds again, but never in the same way. And then again, because the oddcast too is a recording, it will always be the same. With electric music, there is no "live." And that perhaps is the point most easy to recognize and most difficult to articulate.

So investigate these tunes like real-world sensations: appearing suddenly, surprisingly, unexplained: unexplainable: sometimes obvious and sometimes murky but always thick and heavy with the lusty deep breathing of a thing alive. If only for a moment.


Lickety Split for your Ears
No. 0

download SIDE A
download SIDE B

Aphex Twin
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Boris (sometimes with The Sun)
CPC Gangbangs
Et Sans
Lubos Fiser’s soundtrack to “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”
Diamanda Galas
Space Machine II
Toshiya Tsunoda


Lickety Split Kicks HIV in the Balls!

About a week ago, your trusty curators Amber and Kathleen joined the Montreal Anarchist Soccer crew to star in an educational video for Aids Community Care Montreal. In the spirit of plugging the current sex ed hole, ACCM is using the power of digital media to disseminate (ha!) information on HIV/AIDs in high schools across Montreal.

Despite the searing heat, twenty people showed up to play and "act". We formed two teams: the righteous white blood cells (those of us in white bandannas) and the evil yet ultimately victorious HIV virus-ers (in plaid bandannas, 'cuz plaid = bad). It was awesome, and I can tell you Amber's one fierce leukocyte!

All this to say two things:

1) The Lickety Ladies will soon be household names... or at least cafeteria names. I know what you're thinking: Finally, a way for Lickety Split to advertise to the under 18 crowd! (That was a joke, CSIS. Don't put us on your watch list.)

2) ACCM is awesome (as is soccer), and HIV/AIDS is a subject you can never know too much about. Check out what this fine organization is up to at http://www.accmontreal.org/


Robinson Devor's ZOO: An informal review

The cover of the Montreal Mirror was invigorating for LS's Kathleen, after having seen ZOO at the Fantasia festival.
The following is the lightly edited transcription of an instant message conversation between Kathleen and Amber about the film ZOO which they had recently watched at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal.
Amber: Kathleen?
Kathleen: Hi
Amber: So. Zoo, eh?
Kathleen: I feel a bit let down by zoo. you?
As a representative of the horse community, i mean.
Amber: Feelings...yes. Well, I feel a bit muddled.
There were a lot of pretty sky + tree shots.
Kathleen: There were some Hallmark-esque shots of lilacs and leaping dolphins...
Amber: There were also references to a small mining town and this zoophilia community meeting at a farm after having met via the (evil?) internet.
Kathleen: Hey, we're using the evil internet! Will we end up in Washington State...?
Amber: ...what?
Like in THE FILM!
I thought you meant The President or somethin'
I love my cats, but I don't LOVE my cats, you know.
Kathleen: One thing I found interesting was that when the zoos, as they call themselves, were talking about their love of animals, I wondered whether I might share some of their characteristics.
Amber: Interesting. Like what?

There's a part of me that can identify with a complete withdrawal from human contact (which, actually, none of them were even discussing), and just living with non-human companions and falling in love.
I don't know about penetrative sex, though. But I think I can see my way around a lot of sexual/sensual interactions with non-humans.
Amber: They did talk about how they appreciated the simplicity of an animal existence being free of cultural, verbal interactions.
I think I regard my cats as my furry babies. Which is weird too, I 'spose.
Kathleen: I think I have maternal feelings towards my cats too, which is sort of tricky.
Amber: Consent: big topic!
Kathleen: Indeed. It's obviously a slippery slope, and since I just “came out” on Google IM…
Some of the questions around "simplicity" bothered me, but they bother me in the same way that many questions around consent and non-humans do, not just sexually-based issues.
Actually, one thing that I found an effective counter-point to the media's portrayal of these folks as monstrous was when they showed the vets drugging that poor stallion and castrating him. Talk about issues of sexual consent!!
Amber: Right on. That was fucked up. They picked up the stallion in question and...does this count as a spoiler?
Kathleen: If you mean did it spoil my appetite, then yes.

All I gotta say is "pony". Highlight of the film.
Kathleen: I can imagine being in love with a cat (or an otter, etc...), but not feeling sexual desire towards that individual.
Amber: Yer referring to the animal as an individual, as I suppose they may be in the way that it is a singular being. But usually we refer to humans that way.
Kathleen: Yes, I tend to refer to animals as people.
…Although I have had what could be understood as a sexual experience one of the only times I interacted with a horse... I think a lot of girls have experienced this, am I right? Which also brings up issues of back in the day, forcing women to ride side-saddle, issues of sexual restrictions…
Amber: I think there is a difference between riding a horse, or a swing or a washing machine and getting off on it and then associating that being/object/person with sexuality. But I'm not sure it's a romantic or consensual one.
Kathleen: No, it's interesting, for me it was as if the horse was a vibrator. There was no deep connection. But for some girls, I think the riding and other activities form a part of a super emotionally charged relationship.

I think that people definitely have deep connections to animals (myself included). On the subject of girls/women, there weren't too many in the film- none at all who were "zoo".
Kathleen: Another thing zoo ignored or glossed over was other forms of bestial intercourse, like when someone sticks their dick in an animal. I tend to have a much more negative reaction to this, even though with humans I would never argue that rape is limited to forcing a penis inside something.
Amber: Good point. The whole film estheticized the zoophilia and veered as much as possible away from anything "bestial" though you do see some interspecies lovin' in a very peripheral way.
I think that the filmmakers didn't move beyond their original intention of presenting a group's story in a non-sensationalized way. I feel the film lost momentum and had some awkward moments trying to reconcile that.
Kathleen: Yes, I feel like the director narrowed his focus to the extreme and also used a lyrical rather than a straightforward aesthetic and narration style, which is a controversial choice to make when you're diving into hitherto unexplored and taboo territory.
In terms of multiplicity, there were also some interesting choices made in terms of casting and depictions of real people and events. Some people were played by actors but you could hear their real voices, some played themselves, and some were entirely fictional. A strange layering and distancing from the original events was the result, in my opinion.
Amber: It's funny that some reviews have compared the approach of the filmmakers to that of Errol Morris who is so good a spinning a tight yarn as well as using different editing strategies to reveal the different dimensions and truths of a story. This lacked dimension.
I think the film was beautiful to look at but could have used a more rigorous structure, even though there were not many opportunities for "talking head" interviews, as many of the zoos in question didn't want to be filmed.
Kathleen: The one talking head interview that was present only added to the confusion!
Amber: Holy fuck yeah.
I was like "dead little boy", white background, man on a stool...what?!
Kathleen: I think it was supposed to add gravitas, reminding us of the price one zoo paid... for his passion!
All style and very little substance. The "pony" moment, although hilarious, added nothing.
Amber: It added to my personal glee.

What did Rick say again?
Kathleen: Rick said it was a hilarious slapstick comedy, that the dolphins made him laugh, and about the guy on the stool... I don't remember.
Oh gawd and the music! I would argue that the music really worked against the filmmaker's desire to make a non-judgmental and "objective" piece. The music was all and foreboding and relentless and sinister.
Amber: I think it was supposed to be "Glass-ian".
The music.
Kathleen: Well i kept getting scissorhands flashbacks.
Amber: Lady friend, I gotta go back to work now.

STE-EMILIE SKILLSHARE looking for collective members + volunteers!

Ste. Emilie SkillShare is a group of artists and activists, primarily
people of colour and queer people, committed to promoting artistic
expression and self-representation in our communities. We are building
and running an art studio for people to learn new skills, share their
skills, and create art in the spirit of revolution and anti-oppression
(anti-racism/sexism/classism/ homophobia/ transphobia/
ableism/sizeism/etc). The space includes a silkscreen studio, a
darkroom, a craft and sewing room, a kids' room and a 'zine
distro/library. We host open studios (Saturdays) and workshops, open
to the public, for cheap. We are located in St. Henri at 3942 St.
Emilie and on the internet at http://snap.mahost.org/distro. We regret
that St. Emilie is not wheelchair accessible. Ste. Emilie Skillshare
is a working group of Q-Pirg Concordia. qpirgconcordia.org

To find out more/to arrange an interview to be part of the collective,
email or phone us with a paragraph about why you'd like to join…………
STE-EMILIE SKILLSHARE looking for collective members

- Organize with other queer/people of colour in the south-west
- Training in Kind: learn silk-screening, black and white photo,
crafting and sewing skills
- Learn organizing skills and to make decisions by consensus
- Play a role in future programming
- Have unlimited access to the studios
- Have access to space to show your art/Put your zines
in our distro
- Be part of Ste-Emilie's people of colour only caucus to
arrange poc specific events (open to all people of colour
and Indigenous identified people)

Collective responsibilities include:
- Attending meetings bi-weekly
- Contributing 50$/month to pay our rent (through personal fundraising
or out of yer own pocket)
- Working one open studio shift per month
- Working on building and maintaining the space
- Participating in fundraising & promo

Ste. Emilie SkillShare is a group of artists and activists, primarily
people of colour and queer people, committed to promoting artistic
expression and self-representation in our communities. We are
building and running an art studio for people to learn new skills,
share their skills, and create art in the spirit of revolution and
anti-oppression (anti-racism/sexism/classism/ homophobia/ transphobia/
ableism/sizeism/etc). The space includes a silkscreen studio, a
darkroom, a craft and sewing room, a kids' room and a 'zine
distro/library. We host open studios (Saturdays) and workshops, open
to the public, for cheap. We are located in St. Henri at 3942 St.
Emilie and on the internet at http://snap.mahost.org/distro.


• TRAINING IN KIND!! learn to silkscreen, develop photos, sew

Ste Emilie is looking for people to:

Short term:
1) help complete the building of our black and white photo darkroom
(people with experience building darkrooms!!!, or know-how in

2) help complete the building of our silkscreen studio (people with
knowledge of how to install and operate a power-washer, how to test
light table for proper exposure times and how to build a textiles
print table top)

3) a repair-person for our industrial sewing machine and our serger

Long term:
1) help run our open studios which will be happening on Fridays or
Saturdays from 12-6pm (it's great if you have experience in black and
white photography, silk-screening or sewing…if not it's not a problem,
we will familiarize everyone with the equipment)


- participating in a volunteer orientation to familiarize yourself
with Ste-Emilie's mandate and history and to familiarize yourself with
the equipment
- helping people use the sewing machines, serger, silk-screening
equipment, craft equipment
- collecting donations from people who come in to make things
- helping with clean-up and ensuring that people clean up equipment
that is used and leave the space clean
- washing out and coating silk-screens for people to use
- lending out materials that are part of the zine library and helping
ensure that materials are returned to us
- collecting money for the sale of materials that are part of the zine distro

2) people with experience in providing childcare who would like lead
arts and crafts activities for kids during open studios

If you are interested in volunteering please email
mtlskillshare@gmail.com or call us at 514.933.2573 and send us a
paragraph about why you're interested in volunteering at St. Emilie.
(We especially encourage queer/people of colour to get involved.)
Please send your paragraph by Monday August 5th.

11TH FROM 1PM-6PM AT 3942 ST-EMILIE. Childcare is available upon
request (please contact us 48 hours in advance). We regret that
Ste-Emilie is not wheelchair accessible

Thursday, July 26, 2007

an introduction

hello friends, it's Neetzie here or aka giddy. Just thought i'd say hi. I 've been working on Lickety Split since it's birth back (whenever that was) as a contributor, photographer and general slave. Amber really is the master and when she says 'get naked', well then i get naked, and as you could imagine, erotica is born. I remember when the idea for LS first came about. Amber and I were working for a christian organization and we would talk about smut and art (and who we were cruise-ing) all day long, so eventually these ideas (mostly amber's), became the zine. I remember that we would sneak photocopies of our erotic art work in between organizing a food bank and doing interpretive dances to hymns for money. We felt really dirty. Then an article in the Link came out about LS with amber's name all over it and some photos of me topless and the cat was out of the bag. For some reason, our boss the priest, didn't fire us. Thank god for open minded feminists. I do imagine though that she said a prayer or two. In fact, i think fans should take a moment to thank Jesus for his influence of this fine zine.
But really, one day Amber came to the office and said to me, "Anita, I can make you famous.", and I said "How?", and she said, "Get naked." So i did and we're both still waiting for fortune.

This edition is going to be really exciting. We have a few projects that we need participation for so keep your ear to the ground and we'll get back to you for details. One hint though, it involves you being able to realize your fantasies about wearing panties and a mustache all at the same time!
xoxo friends, keep it hot and safe.

Pevers/Cite events...

Thanks to Sarah Mangle for the updates!

Dimanche 29 Julliet
Pride Parade come join the pink & black block in the parade! March with
Perverscité! Meet us at 11:30am in the park coin Delormier & Ontario.

Mardi 31 Julliet
Screening of the documentary Cruel & Unusual and a short presentation
on the pen-pal project

York Ampitheatre, 1515 Ste. Catherine ouest, Room EV 1.615 7pm

Wednesday August 1
Queer Shorts at le Cagibi 5490 St. Laurent (coin st. viateur) 5-9 pm
Films start at 6pm! Don't be late!

Jeudi 2 Août
Game of Capture the Fag meet on the corner of Mozart & Marconi 7:30pm
Rules will be explained that night!

Friday August 3
the sons of warsaw + anti-capitalist ass pirates present: a
Zoobizarre6388 st-hubert (coin Beaubien) 11pm
featuring the sons of
warsaw, asspirate djs & special guests.

Dimanche 5 Août
Drag king workshop hosted by Heywood Wakefield (Boston) et traduit par
Johnny Cox (KingSize)

1pm to 4pm le Cagibi 5490 St. Laurent (coin st. viateur)
5$ suggested for cost of distance

Dimanche 5 Août
Le tour SexQrtionApédale!
un tour de ville queer qui va commencé au Tam-Tam du Mt-Royal

Monday August 6 de 6pm a 10pm
Play piercinget Pulling workshop
(franc. translated) hosted by Joanie
avec invités spéciaux a confirmer 2110 Mackay
5$ suggéré pour aiguilles et stérilisation

Mardi 7 Août de 6pm a 9pm
Questionnementsur l'identité, (eng+fran)
discussionavec Anis, Ellie et Abram
le Cagibi 5490 St. Laurent (coin st. viateur)

Wednesday August 8 de 6pm a 9pm
AIDS Dissidence a Performative Action for a Daily Reality, workshop
performance and discussion avec Vincent et Mikiki (eng+fran)
2250 pitt # 303 (coin St. Patrick)


*AT 11:30 AM: meet
at the park on the corner of
Delormier & Ontario
*AT NOON sharp!:
we will LEAVE the park
to join the Pride Parade.

As Quebec gears up for the visit of George W. Bush, Stephen Harper and
Felipe Calderon, slashes sex ed programs across the province, and encourages
middle class gay assimilation while marginalizing queer youth, Montreal's
Gay Pride will kick off.
But Pride doesn't have to mean rainbow Molson flags and complicity with the
Village's pink capitalist-led persecution of sex workers, homeless people,
and all the others of us who haven't been Queer-Eyed.
Come help reclaim the parade's roots as a political protest by marching in


here are some ideas…
~Homo cops – ticketing the gaygeoisie
~Extra queerestrials - ALIENated by the pink dollar
~Anticapitalist army of lovers - cruising to recruit
~And of course, classic pink & black/ the glamourous skid look

The PERVERS/CITE organizing collective
opposes racism, sexism, capitalism,
transphobia, body fascism, colonialism,
classism and all other forms of
oppression and marginalization.
We aim to oppose the queer community's
total assimilation into mainstream kkkanadian culture,
as well as to foreground both a local history of queer radicalism
and social issues faced by queers today
that are consistently glossed over by the gaystream media
in favour of double-groom cakes and shopping holidays.

...for more information...
-check out the pervers/cité blog (with a schedule of events) :
-to send a message to the organizing listserve : email
-to contact some folks involved/ to get a message sent out to the
organizing listserve/ to be added to the organizing listserve (called
pinkandblack) : email qteam@riseup.net

Monday, July 23, 2007

I, Smut Master.


My name is Amber and I'm the founder/wrangler/curator/editor of this foine schmut zine and I'm damn loud and proud about it!

We are entering a new era of sexiness, based in community, unity and plurality. Lickety Split is expanding: we have a new PR team, a new print run (1000 copies this October!), fresh new ideas from seasoned and apprentice Lickety smutsters as well as a load of upcoming events which we will be sneak pre-viewing here veryvery soon! Fits in well with our issue #5 Multiples theme eh?

A note about the origins of Lickety Split smut zine:
"The first issue was printed in January 2004 but we were talkin' shit and frontin' about LS long before that! Since then it's been an annual journal, usually 80 pages in length, B/W, 5.5 by 7.5 inches with silkscreened covers designed by the arteest Sherwin Tjia. Lickety Split's name was thought up by the filthy brains belonging to the world's sexiest rock duo Holy Moly; check out their interview in issue #1. The cinematic shape of the zine was suggested by local filmmaker Mike Rollo. In all reality, Amber Goodwyn is only responsible for asking people for stuff and bossing people around."

...and if you're not familiar with the quote we love to pimp, check it out:
"If you don't like what you see out your window, the most subversive thing you can do is make your own vision. If criticizing sex is so important, then where are our role models? Who do you think is going to make erotic expression meaningful
to you if not yourself? " - Susie Bright, Full Exposure

Friday, July 20, 2007


See left: That’s me, aka Sean P., the guy you may not know as the wizard-at-odds behind the Lickety Split site.

Even if I’m not yet an object of idolatry or ire in your universe of one, I’ll get my fifteen minutes because from now on, we’ll be seeing each other regularly. Well, really, you’ll be reading my words only occasionally. And I don’t really expect a heavy commitment but some fan/hatemail every now and again would be nice. You know, just to be sure that I’m stirring the shit—good, bad and whatever.

Some background: I’m a twenty-three year old male without a sense of humor. I hate taking walks and having picnics. Generally, I’m no fun to be around. On the other hand, the things I’m into include explicit art with a political bent, long conversations laced with criticism and getting intimate to the ear-destroying strains of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music played at full volume.

If any of the above seems off-putting, you needn’t worry. I’m reinventing myself just for you! (To be honest, I’ll never change. I’m leading you on. It’s a thing I do. Sorry.) So look forward to breathlessly optimistic, heartburstingly beautiful bloggage of wide-eyed wonderment on a whole range of super-smart smutty stuff.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Comedy about Porn and Feminism!

Sarah Schenck, a feminist filmmaker from Brooklyn, has just released her first feature film, Slippery Slope. It's a comedy about feminist who gets a job directing porn flicks in order to fund her own antiporn documentary. Concept!

When I first read the blurb, I was skeptical of the direction this film seemed to be headed in. It sounded... overly simplistic. However, the ladies over at Feministing did a very interesting and in-depth interview with the director, and now I'm really keen on seeing this when it comes my way! You gotta love a film that injects a little humor into the porn industry.

Read the interview at http://feministing.com/archives/007394.html#more
Find out more about Slippery Slop at http://www.slipperyslopethemovie.com/

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Kid on the Block!

Hey there, Lickety Split community!

I'm the new Associate Curator of this fine zine, so why don't I introduce myself?

My name's Kathleen and I'm originally from the chilly plains of Lennoxville. I'm just finishing a degree in Women's Studies at Concordia, with a double minor in Sexuality Studies and Fine Arts.

I have a few jobs, but the main one is editing and co-writing a 300-page behemoth of a sex ed training manual for 14/15 year-old peer educators. And if there's one thing making this manual in my 20s has taught me, it's that EVERYONE can use more sex ed! So expect to see a lot of updates on this topic...

Arts-wise, a lot of my work is sexually explicit. In 2005 I made a male pin-up calendar, and more recently I showed an audio piece on male masturbation and two video shorts about my childhood sexual hijinx at the Daughters of Joy soirée (now on tour!). Right now I'm working on an illustrated book about open relationships.

So that's enough of that! I hope to keep you randy with rants, reviews and other rare specimens.


PS -- I'm 12 in that photo, by the way. Better sense of style now, I hope.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Check out this condom demonstration!

In case you need a refresher for how to carefully glove your love, do check out this demo care of sexualityandu.ca.

Stay safe!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lickety Split # 5 Call for Submissions: The Multiples Issue!

Grab onto your anal beads cuz this issue’s gonna be wide open! Open format, open relationships, body openings... you name it we want it, over and over and over again.
So send us your words, photos, art, sweaty bodies and faces and all your freaky personalities. Think big – in the multiples issue, more is more!

In order to expand the definition of our magazine’s identity, Lickety Split urges you to submit your proposals for:
- Kinky and crafty limited edition artist objects (e.g. trading cards, buttons, etc)
As well as our standing invitation for:
- Models and photographers
- Essays, interviews & reviews
- Short stories

Submission Guidelines
Before you let loose with a huge torrent of porn and sex related ideas, please acquaint yourself with our guidelines and criteria at http://www.licketysplitzine.com/ (in the “Participate” section). Models and photographers: please read the photo guidelines and the technical requirements before you pitch your idea! Written work can be no shorter than 300 words but no more than 1,800; please include a pitch and cover letter with your submission.

Deadline: August 1st 2007

Send your submissions to k@licketysplitzine.com

We can’t wait to see it!

Lickety Split