Friday, January 20, 2006

Winged Penises and more!

So, my friend Tyler made some of us staff (at my sex-positive place of employment) watch this completely entertaining animated short that won something for being a great ad at Cannes recently. Though filled with cliches, it is worth a view: check it out here:

If that doesn't work for you check out this blog review, which offers other viewing formats:

Apparently the happy end of the AIDS-free rainbow is a hetero wedding and a house in the suburbs! All the same, the matrix-like flashes of insane sex positions are pure gold.

love Amber

ps: If you cannot see the links, cut and paste them into a new browser window:

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

*belated* Happy Holidays!

A big, smooshy holiday kiss to everyone who bothers to check up on this ill-tended blog! How do you like the photo? It's of the inimitable, icy blonde Tippi Hedren, star of Hitchcock THE BIRDS. I posted it because I like it and I love Tippi's green suit in that film.

On the zine front, things are behind schedule as is usual with Lickety Split. I'm planning a big ole party to launch this third, magnanimous issue into orbit. In the meantime, students who go to school at McGill or Concordia will now be able to get their LS fix by heading to the Concordia Community Solidarity Coop Bookstore to pick up a copy. To find it follow these instructions:

It's in the Hall Building, 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd W.
The bookstore is in room H-127, which is below Reggie's Pub; accessible by going up onto the Mezzanine level, and going through either Java U or Reggie's and then descending the stairs located there; OR you may reach us by entering the building from the back Terrace entrance and descending the stairs that are located there.

There are only a few places that carry Lickety Split in town (and I'm trying to work on better distribution, but whatev')and one such place was CD Esoterik On St. Catherine near St. Mathieu in Montreal. It was a fabulous indie record shop with a fine selection of vinyl and experimental music. Unfortunately it had to close at the end of 2005, but I hope it will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, perhaps even closer to my apartment??? Good luck to Chris and all those guys.

There are a lot of interesting folk who have contributed to this issue, there are great stories, research, drawings and TONS of photos. I hope I can fit them all in.
I had a great time at Expozine, thanks to all who came out to support indie publishing and print-making! Sat next to a bunch of wonderful people including Sherwin Tjia and a couple seats down from Blackheart magazine, both of whom you should obsess over. Check out links to their schtuff in the sidebar!

Love love love Amber channeling Tippi