Monday, February 06, 2006

AUDIO SMUT + the first ever Lickety Split CONTEST!

Hello smut fans,

Holy Grace Jones! Okay, I totally blanked on posting about an interview I had with the fine folk over at CKUT last Wednesday. You see there's this amazing new radio show that occurs the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm called AUDIO SMUT, occurring during the Hersay hour. Anyway, we pre-recorded the interview in my living room and I TOLD ALL about putting together Lickety Split including the nitty gritty about photo shoots and how the next issue is shaping up. I love interviews! Other than the obvious publicity benefits, I find they really help me articulate what is important to communicate, and how I really feel.
Anyway, since I totally goofed on getting this out in time to whoever wanted to listen, there is solace in knowing that you can download the show from CKUTs archives here.

also featured on last week's episode of Audio Smut was an interview with two Head & Hands staff members, Adriana the health animator and Cecilia the events planner, who were on to promote The Love Brigade's Anti-Hallmark Valentines Day Party! be held on Thursday February 9th at 8pm at El Salon, 4388 Blvd. St. Laurent. The evening will feature Montreal DJs DJ Maus and Julie D alongside rockout act Kill the Lights, and punk band Tundra. Andrew Johnston, who has a side project from The gentlemen's Club called The Hearts In Transit will also be part of the show. In addition we will have a theatre performance by The Dead Doll Dancers. The Cost is $10 in advance or $12 the door.

SO THIS IS WHERE LICKETY SPLIT COMES IN: I need to sell my last 10 tickets, so as incentive, I offer to you this contest- each person who contacts me to buy a ticket for a measly $10 will receive a free copy of Lickety Split and a limited edition, handmade Lickety Split t-shirt- a SEXY t-shirt, make no mistake. So get on it! E-mail me at amber[dot]goodwyn[at]gmail[dot]com. Otherwise, tickets are also available at Head & Hands, 5833 Sherbrooke W, 514-481-0277.

The evening will act as the launch party to Head & HandsÂ’ 2006 Save Our Sex Ed (SOS) campaign which aims to raise funds for Head & Hands sex education programs. Unlike other diseases, STIs and AIDS are completely preventable and education is the key to protection. Support Head and Hands in the SOS campaign and help us make sure that Montreal youth get the sex education they deserve.

Alright. I'm waiting for your e-mails...don't disappoint me!