Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Lickety Split # 3 Zine Launch!
The Goods, Sala Rossa 4848 boul. St Laurent
With an after party at Red Bird Gallery 152 Van Horne
April 29th, 10pm, $10.

Lickety Split is a smut zine that comes out once a year. Each long-awaited issue is a handcrafted/collaborative/sex-positive affair with sexy silk-screened covers: a total labour of love and lust. Issue #3 is the most thrilling, smuttiest and picture-filled issue yet! Lickety Split continues to be pansexual in its approach and content in order to cater to a diverse audience, acting as a platform for different tastes to mingle and collide. There are about 20 contributors who submitted to this issue including Astria Suparak, Billy Mavreas, Shannon Gerard, Sherwin Tjia, Anita Schoepp, Evie Farmer, Tom Fennario and many others.

Lickety Split is spreading its smutty little legs for a wider audience, branching out of indie-rockdom-art-schoolery with a dance floor show to change things up a bit! The Goods is put on by two solid Montreal DJs, Andy Williams and Scott C, and this evening features guest DJ Ty G (HVW8 from LA). Afterwards, folks can head over to Red Bird Gallery for some late, late night revelry.

See you there motherfuckers.
Amber xo

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