Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We won!

We got best video for Thuderheist at the Indyish Holla-Day Weekend event. We barely edged out in front of our sole competitor, Safe Solvent and team who also made a booty-shaking vid.

If you want to check it out, you can tonight! The videos are getting judged one more time; from Indyish:

In other sweet news, we’ve managed to snag Maxime Giroux from NuFilms to come help judge the final videos. NuFilms is by far the largest music video production house working in Montreal. They are home to some of the best directors working in Canada right now and Maxime is pretty much at the top of their roster. This guy has done over 100 professional videos for bands like The Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, Les Vulgaires Machins, Dumas and the list goes on. He has agreed to come out to the final showing of the winning MVMC videos on December 20th to judge and critique them. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone out there who wants to seriously improve on their filmmaking skills. This whole event is going to be like a mini film school except it’ll be a lot of fun and actually worth every penny!

What: Screening for all music videos and special guest judge.
When: Wed Dec 20 2006, 8pm.
Where: 3674 St.Laurent, Montreal. Qc. Detention Studio - Just North of Prince Arthur.
Cost: Free!!

We will post the video-baby up ourselves soon, as well as making-of pixxx.


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