Monday, April 09, 2007

Queer Mediations: A Bent Glance at the Archive


Queer Mediations: A Bent Glance at the Archive

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

10:35 AM ­ 1:30 PM

W-5 (West Wing Arts Building, McGill University)

{A mini-conference based on the work of students in COMS 490: History and
Theory of Media: Queer Media Theory (Winter 2007), Department of Art History
and Communication Studies}

10:30 AM. Brief introductory remarks

10:35 ­ 11:35 AM. Panel I: Interrogating the Archive
Mahmoud Hussein. ³Patient Zero²
Katherine Folk-Sullivan. "Shortbus: Creating Queer Spaces in Imaginary
Claire Crighton. ³Anarchive: On the Radical Promise of Queering History²

11:40 AM ­ 12:05 PM. Panel II: queering zines, zining queers
Jess Lee + Josh Pavan + Theresa Knoppers. ³TBA²

12:05 ­ 12:15 PM. Short break

12:15 ­ 1:30 PM. Panel III: Rearticulating, Resignifying OQueer Archive¹
Ashley Foot. ³Nuqueer Reactions²
Robyn Maynard. ³Queering Capital²
Katie Earle. ³Re-Investigating Erasure: A Visual Resurrection²

Please feel free to join the audience and discussion!

drinks following (venue to be announced)

Contact: Ger Zielinski ( ger.zielinski (at) )

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