Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Daughters of Joy! Cinema Soiree- June 14th, Montreal QC

I'm so excited and honoured to present my experimental film evening as a special event at The St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival! ONE-NIGHT-ONLY!

An evening of experimental video, film and audio about sex.

Curated by: Amber Goodwyn
Co-presented by: The St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and Lickety Split smut zine with the support of Double Negative Collective
Work by: Jackie Gallant & Dayna Macleod, Elin Gustafson, Nicole Koschmann, La Mathilde, Terryll Loffler, Shana Macdonald, Peter Miller, Kathleen K-R, Anita Schoepp and Scott Stark
Magazines by: Lickety Split smut zine
When: June 14th at The Green Room (5390 St-Laurent), 7pm, Montreal, Quebec
Run time: 60 minutes

Lascivious, libidinous and salacious artists cum together for an evening of sexy, experimental cinema! ‘You can watch’ as different, brave artists expose radical suggestions regarding the nature of difference and desire and the conjoining of sexuality/gender/eroticism. Cream yourself over forthright, frank depictions of the bodies’ invisible truths!

These artists ask: when you’re feeling hot, do you reach for your lover, your vibrator or your camera? Who we are or aren’t fucking isn’t as interesting how we’re doing it: with cameras, microphones and media helping us along to our bliss. Young girls experiment by video-recording newly acquired gestures and curves, straight men stare into the sun analyzing the rippling terrain of the vulva, solo-adventurers fuck themselves to dazzling heights with the camera on, while others deconstruct popular media’s groping motions with glee. The western world is a dizzy spin, saturated with sexy advertisements, Internet porn and sticky loads of technology infringing on our schedules, workplaces and private life, and when it comes to sex, you’re either with them or against them…or at the very least humping their leg.

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