Sunday, October 14, 2007

AUCTIONEERING: Only a few more days left!!!!


Only a few more days left for some of the items being auctioned off to raise funds for Lickety Split! Check 'em out by clicking on the link below. Also, note that a few extra special surprises will added to the auction in the next day or so.

Start bidding now!

Lickety Split zine On-Line Art & Craft Auction!

Cum one, cum all!
This fabulous, volunteer-run zine is quite expensive to create and needs your support! We are asking you and your friends to bid on the generously donated items in this on-line auction to raise funds and help recoup printing costs. Our fund raising goal this issue is $3000, which is how much it costs to print Lickety Split #5. Our launch date is for November 3rd! So help out in the way that you can! Lickety Split zine has been working hard for over four years to represent the pansexual and sex-positive community of Montreal in a way that is handmade and unique. Auction open until October 18th. Forward this to at least 5 of your friends!

Start bidding now!

For more on Lickety Split zine:

Thanks to that artists and folks who donated their services and wares:
Justin Burnham
Ann Cascarano
Jon Claytor
Risa Dickens
Leah Dolgoy
Kathleen K R
Grenadine Records
Seska Lee
Hausmann Photography
Sarah Mangle
Gary M.
On Bodies
Anita Schoepp
Rick Trembles


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