Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards & 10th Anniversary party

Friday June 1, 2007
Gladstone Hotel |1214 Queen Street West | Toronto, ON
8 pm, $15

Come celebrate porn that’s hot and feminist as we salute10 years of great sex (toys) with performances, surprise guests, giveaways and, of course, feminist porn!

Hosted by Trey Anthony (‘da Kink in my Hair, 'dat girl 'sho is funny!).

Featuring the UK’s first female porn director Anna Span (Anna’s Mates, Pound a Punnet).

Simone Valentino, star of Afrodite Superstar, the first erotic film directed by a woman of colour, designed for couples of colour.

Shine Louise Houston
, director of “the hottest lesbian porn ever made” (Crash Pad, Superfreak, Wild Kingdom)

Peggy Comstock
, of award-winning Comstock Films, creators of “documentary-porn”, featuring real people, real life, real sex (Xana and Dax, Marie and Jack, Matt and Damon).

...and pleeenty more. Stay tuned for more info at .

Monday, April 23, 2007



Friday May 4th doors at 8pm

For every of colour punk kid who couldn't connect with riot grrrl.
For every of colour punk kid who got caught being queer in bathroom stalls.
For every punk kid who got made fun of for rockin' neon pink mini
skirts, hoop earrings and hairwraps.
For every punk kid who is brown, black, mixed race, yellow, red, desi,
African, Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Caribbean, Latin
American, Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Aboriginal,
non-white, non-European, (e)raced, (in)visible minority.
For every of colour punk kid who got told that they were doin' some
white shit…cuz we know that tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks, mohalks
and hardcore belong to people of colour.
For every of colour X-punk kid who can't fkkn deal with going to punk
shows anymore cuz of racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia,
Adbuster style classim/sexism.


(this show is open to people of colour only please)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Voices of Resistance: Muslim Women on War Faith, & Sexuality

Saturday April 21st, 7pm
York Amphitheatre (EV 1.615)
Concordia University
1515 St. Catherine St. West.

Wheelchair Accessible –
Free ASL interpretation & Childcare available with
48hr advance request

With readings and discussion by contributors, Shadi
and Nuzhat Abbas, followed by a book

Edited by Sarah Husain, Voices of Resistance is a
groundbreaking collection that explodes current
contentions about Muslim identity, gender, war, and
citizenship. Muslims—literally, "people of the
book"—must seek knowledge wherever and however they
can. As the prophet Mohammed sat in a cave of Mount
Hira, the first command he received from the angel
Gabriel was "Iqra!—Read!" The Quran instructs that
obtaining knowledge is integral to one's spiritual

Hailing from Yemen, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan,
Kashmir, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia,
Thailand, China, Canada, and the United States, the
contributors to Voices of Resistance also insist on a
politics and spirituality that command knowledge—but
not dusty facts fixed long ago. They demand knowledge
that is fluid, contextually engaged, and dynamic. And
in their pursuit, they are sharing wisdom of their
own. They engage in conversation concerning their
bodies and their communities and share compelling
stories: a woman mourns the death of a cousin killed
in a suicide bombing; a transsexual man remembers with
fondness the donning of the veil he no longer wears; a
woman confronts sexism and hypocrisy on a pilgrimage
to Saudi Arabia; several experience being judged on
the basis of skin color and political and religious
affiliation that is far more blatant and ubiquitous
since the September 11 attacks.

Praise for Voices of Resistance:

"A beautifully crafted testament to the courage,
reflexivity, and spirit of Muslim women's resistance
to the injustices and violence of wars from Palestine
to the U.S."
Chandra Talpade Mohanty, professor of Women's
Studies, Syracuse University, and author of Feminism
without Borders

"I loved Voices of Resistance. It was fun, it was
funny, it was profound, it was deep, it was
frightening, it was awesome, it was an opening. I
could not put it down."
Dr. Amina Wadud, professor of Islamic Studies and
author of Inside the Gender Jihad

About the Readers:

Nuzhat Abbas is a writer based in Toronto, Canada .
She was born in Zanzibar , educated in Karachi and
immigrated to Canada in 1981. On receiving Canadian
citizenship, she promptly left to work in Spain,
Turkey , and the UK , and later studied for several
years in the US. She returned to Toronto in 1999 and
since then, she has published literary non-fiction,
reviews and poetry in Fuse ,THIS magazine, CV2,
Herizons ,the Globe and Mail as well as Znak (in
Poland). At present she is working on a novel as well
as a book of essays about Zanzibar . She has taught
literature at Ryerson, OCAD and George Brown College
and currently works as an educator and consultant on
anti-oppression, human rights and equity issues.

Shadi Eskandani was born in Tehran, Iran , in 1978, a
few months before the Islamic Revolution. She spent
her formative years in Tehran until her family's
emigration to Canada in 1987. Shadi has completed a
Masters degree in social anthropology, and is pursuing
a degree in education. She works for an education
support program for youth in a marginalized community
in Toronto , and spends the rest of her time writing.
Shadi is currently working on publishing a collection
of her poetry.

This event is co-presented by QPIRG (Concordia &
McGill), the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy, the
Concordia Co-op Bookstore, and the Simone de Beauvoir

For more information, or to request ASL or Childcare
(up to 48 hrs prior) for the event, contact the:
2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy
2110 Mackay (metro Guy-Concordia)
tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 7431
-- 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy 2110 Mackay (metro Guy-Concordia) tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 7431


Why: Come celebrate the launch of the 2007 edition of Subversions: The
Journal of Gender and Sexuality AND the Concordia Women's Studies Student
Association End of Year Party, as well as the kick off of the STUDY IN
ACTION: Undergraduate Conference.

Where: La Centrale
4296 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

When: Friday April 27th, 2007

Cost: $5 (includes a copy of Subversions!)
No one turned away.


What is Subversions?

SUBVERSIONS is the WSSA journal of gender and sexuality that publishes
literary as well as critical texts, poetry, rants, photography, artwork and
illustrations by Concordia students.

WSSA members are active representatives of Concordia University's Women's
Studies program. We support interdisciplinary scholarship and creative
endeavors that highlight social injustices pertinent to gender, class, race
and ability inequalities.

Monday, April 09, 2007

New "Amber Goodwyn" site...


If you have a chance, check out the new portfolio site for Lickety Split's editor:
Note: it is currently under construction.

Ta da!

Queer Mediations: A Bent Glance at the Archive


Queer Mediations: A Bent Glance at the Archive

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

10:35 AM ­ 1:30 PM

W-5 (West Wing Arts Building, McGill University)

{A mini-conference based on the work of students in COMS 490: History and
Theory of Media: Queer Media Theory (Winter 2007), Department of Art History
and Communication Studies}

10:30 AM. Brief introductory remarks

10:35 ­ 11:35 AM. Panel I: Interrogating the Archive
Mahmoud Hussein. ³Patient Zero²
Katherine Folk-Sullivan. "Shortbus: Creating Queer Spaces in Imaginary
Claire Crighton. ³Anarchive: On the Radical Promise of Queering History²

11:40 AM ­ 12:05 PM. Panel II: queering zines, zining queers
Jess Lee + Josh Pavan + Theresa Knoppers. ³TBA²

12:05 ­ 12:15 PM. Short break

12:15 ­ 1:30 PM. Panel III: Rearticulating, Resignifying OQueer Archive¹
Ashley Foot. ³Nuqueer Reactions²
Robyn Maynard. ³Queering Capital²
Katie Earle. ³Re-Investigating Erasure: A Visual Resurrection²

Please feel free to join the audience and discussion!

drinks following (venue to be announced)

Contact: Ger Zielinski ( ger.zielinski (at) )

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2nd Annual Good Vibrations Amateur Erotica Film Competition

Calling all amateur filmmakers!

Have you ever wanted to make your own erotica film; or perhaps see an erotic film you’ve directed screened at a theater in front of audience of hundreds?

Submit your film to our Amateur Erotica Film Competition and you may end up a star!

It’s easy, let us tell you how. Watch our submissions video for guidelines, rules and details!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Join us to paint your dildo!!!!

Stella, with the partnership of the cooperative Venez tels quels / Come as you are, invite sex workers, friends and allies, to paint dildos to benefit $pread magazine. The sexual toys will be displayed and sold during the Second Annual Sex Workers Art Exhibition, organised by $pread and it will take part in New York during Spring 2007.

When: Wednesday April 11 at 14h00

Stella’s office, 2065 Parthenais street suite 404

The materiel (dildos, paint,...) will be graciously provided by
Venez tels quels / Come as you are.

For more information, call at Stella:

We hope to see you!!