Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thanks for Sex Talks! Part 1!

Just a quick note to say thanks to Daniel and Elizabeth from Concordia's University of the Streets cafe and the conversation they hosted tonight (Sex Talks! Part 1: Can we really say what we mean when it comes to sex?). I was honored to have been invited as a guest and was truly inspired by the exchanges the room of super interesting people had. What a thoughtful, creative place the back room of the Cagibi was and what a privvilege to be part of that! There are 2 more Sex Talks in the coming weeks, here are the details:
Date: 12/03/2008 - 19:00 - 12/03/2008 - 21:00
Moderator: Daniel Bouchard |

About the discussion

Ah, the buzzword of the ‘90s: safe sex. Whatever happened to that concept? A generation or so ago youth were inundated with information and scare tactics about how to have safe sexual practices. Currently, some of the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are among young people ages 15 to 24, the same age group where more than half of respondents in a recent survey believed there is a cure for AIDS. Not to mention a growing concern about seniors who are leading longer, healthier and more sexually active lives but who don’t see STIs as a concern. What kind of portrait does that paint for safe sex today? Is postivie sexual education even possible in today’s climate? Sex is going to happen so how do we create a culture of sexual health?


Jocelyn Porter has several years experience working with youth of all ages in a variety of different leadership and educational settings. She is an outspoken advocate of sexual health and diversity. She brings her commitment to community, social justice and grassroots endeavours to the Sense Project: a two year pilot project, developed by Head & Hands, that aims to provide community-based sex education support for youth aged 13 to 16 at Montreal-area schools.

Christina Foisy, Sense Project coordinator, prevously worked in developing effective gender-specific violence-prevention programs geared towards young women. Christina has a strong interest in accessible sexual health and empowerment programs for youth and has created several “youth-friendly” publications on such topics. She is also interested in youth adult fiction that addresses sexuality in all of its nuance and splendor."

Date: 19/03/2008 - 19:00 - 19/03/2008 - 21:00
Moderator: Daniel Bouchard |

About the discussion

For just a minute (or for two hours on a Wednesday night) let’s stop asking What is normal? and Am I normal? when it comes to sex (who gets to decide what’s normal by the way?) and ask ourselves: What constitutes good sex? Is it quantity? Quality? Is it technique? Intimacy? Communication? During this public conversation we will explore what it takes to have good sex, discussing issues such as peak experience, the role of taboos and shame, arousal and reward, and whether you can peak with someone you’re used to.


Jim Pfaus is a Professor and researcher at Concordia’s Centre for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology (CSBN.) His research generally deals with the physiological and psychological factors that influence sexual desire and behaviour. Jim is also a father and plays in the Montreal punk band Mold.

Also, if yer interested in contributing to Audio Smut radio as I mentioned during the talk, e-mail us at audiosmut AT ckut DOT ca . Check out this post for more deets.

...And here are the deets for the Lickety Split #6 call for submissions.

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