Friday, December 12, 2008

Gift Ideas!

So yeah, we're consumers as well as smut peddlers. Here are a few items you might consider buying up for the lovely ones in your life (including yourself)~! OK and this list ain't strictly smutty, we're warning you in advance.

Lickety Split 2-year subscription! Yes! Of course! Click on this link if this tickles your fancy.

Worn Fashion Journal 2-year subscription! Our buds and well-dressed comrades! Buy it up here.

Ojingogo (a graphic novel) by Matt Forsythe. Find out more and buy it here.

There are tons of goodies at Atelier Woodenapples in Montreal's Mile End. Go there and check out the handpicked and handcrafted goods as soon as you can!

Phonopolis is a record shop you should visit in the same area of town and carries many a fine album that you can't find in one of the big box music stores. For example, they have the latest PARLOVR record, which will both break your heart and mend it in the space of a few songs.

Get It Ripe by Jae Steele is a wicked and delicious sounding vegetarian cookbook by the former (?) Ripe zine-maker, and can be found in NDG at the Coop la Maison Verte.

Nightwood is my band, we have an E.P. for sale, you can pick it up here.

Fixture Records music is precious, poppy and minimal all at once. Hear here!

The Crumpet Closet has a bunch of sweet shoes, accessories and soon they will also feature clothes! Check it.

You should also head to the Cheap Thrills record store as soon as you can.

Drop by the Concordia Coop Bookstore stat.

Anyhow, this ain't exhaustive so we may post more ideas real soon.

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