Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Radical Queer Semaine Fundraiser, 2009

x Radical Queer Semaine Fundraiser, 2009 x

Event: Saturday, January 17th, 2009, 9pm-3am
Location: Comité social centre sud, 1710 Beaudry, Montreal

Featuring a performance by emerging artist Danny Gaudreault, and
post-sexual hot tunes by DJs Mécanik and Jonnybonnyrock

Radical Queer Semaine invites one and all to a night of performance and sweaty sexy dancing at the Comité social centre sude, 1710 Beaudry, Montreal. $10 suggested donation, no one turned away. All proceeds go to the week of events, actions, workshops, and general pro-queer inclusive arty mahem known as Radical Queer Semaine. For our Facebook group please see "Radical Queer Week 2009 -La semaine des Queers radicaux 09".

The Queer Semaine Radicaux is a group of individuals working together, and hoping to collaborate with as many people and groups as possible towards creating a week of events, workshops, community based direct action, local visual and performance art productions,food sharing, and getting our anti-oppression freak on.

Ideas/submissions for Radical Queer Semaine so far:
- All-ages queer punk show
- Video projections and slumber party night
- Queer winter carnival (fruitcake breakfast, trash figure skating in
Parc Lafontaine, queer ice sculptures in Vieux-Porc, high heel races in
the snow...)
- Art expos and zine walls
- Radical queer dimanche (local performance art!)
- Valentine's Day pansexual play party in collab with Against the Wall
- Tons of interactive workshops
- [Insert your idea here] ...or send it to
- And sooooo much much much more!

Contact: radical.queer.semaine@gmail.com

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