Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At Last, Low Brow Art to Scare Away those Winter Blues!

The Dead Dolls Cabaret is pleased to present:

The Swamp Pussy Revival Cabaret!!!

i.e., The Dead Doll Dancers tear a strip off Old Man Winter with a Mardi Gras Cabaret!!!

Montréal’s favourite dancing zombshell burlesque ghouls are wriggling from the seamy frozen underbelly of the city with their 2nd annual February cabaret.

This year’s event is tastefully entitled “The Swamp Pussy Revival” and pays homage to the heyday of Mardi Gras. Be sure to catch this one - when it comes to delectably filthy bump-‘n-grind, raucous dancing and unwilling audience participation, no one does it better than the strangely compelling Dead Doll Dancers!

The Dolls have smeared their particular brand of sleaze from the dirtiest dives to Canada Council-sponsored venues. Now, they return to their customary stomping ground in the heart of the red-light district, Café Cleopatra, which they are attempting to have declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With a ravenous following ranging from brand-spanking-new lesbians to professional gentlemen old enough to know better, this event is sure to be as popular as November 2008’s “Haunted Ho-Down”, which featured two Dolls wrestling in a kiddie pool full of vanilla pudding.
How will they top that? You’ll have to be there on February 21st to find out …

Featuring guest artists

Big Moves, the perennially popular Boston burlesque troupe dedicated to fat positivity;

Nat King Pole, the carrot-topped drag rapper adored by ladies everywhere,

Dakini Dancers with their fusion style of baladi.

Samba Ritmundi will show us the sexy way Brazilians celebrate carnival.

Reena the Drag Queen Extraordinaire of Cafe Cleopatra will perform !

Aytahn Ross will juggle his balls!

Tommy Toxic -performance art! Fabulous costumes!

The Dead Doll Dancers will shuffle and shimmy !

Limbo contest! Real good prizes! Beads and Boobies! Burlesk!

Shimmies and Shivers!

Beware of the mysterious swamp pussy creature!

Come and get your foxy zombie fix!

With their torn fishnets, gaudy second-hand duds, rampant body scarring and pallid faces, is it any surprise that a whole chapter was written about them in Bill Brownsteins' recently published book "Montreal 24- Twenty -four hours in the Life of a City" ?

The Dead Dolls Cabaret presents:

The Swamp Pussy Revival Cabaret
Saturday Feb. 21,2009
Cafe Cleopatra
showtime :9pm doors open 8pm
tickets at door $10
presale: $8
available at Joy Toyz
4200 laurent #415
show info tel. 514-816-8054

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