Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Friends, I have made an excellent new lube discovery.

Often plagued by sensitive lady parts that would force me to forgo sexy-times for weeks on end, I was recently thrilled to become reacquainted with the slippery healing power of Aloe Vera--this time in relation to my impatient vagina.

Let's face it. The glycerin in most water-based lubes is essentially sugar and, if you suffer from irritation from chronic yeast infections or a highly exuberant partner sex/self love regimen, other lubes--as natural as they claim to be--can sting and burn and put a disappointing end to happy times.

The great thing about Aloe, as I've discovered, is that not only does it provide quite a bit of moisture comparable to popular brands like KY Jelly, but it also soothes dryness and irritation, making it a terrific two- in-one dealio. Just make sure you get the colour and preservative free stuff, or better yet, a bedside Aloe plant, and you'll be ready to slip and slide and heal all at once!

Final note: while this discovery has not yet been tested for efficacy in non-vag related scenarios, it soon will be, and I encourage you to check back for more thoughts on the subject. Also, while I can talk jive like a pro, I'm no medical expert and I encourage you to use your own discretion in deciding whether it's time to seek some extra help in the name of your sexual health.

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Jenny said...

geniusssss! ive had success with O'My natural products...BUT aloe is cheaper, and perhaps better...thanks for sharing the discovery :)