Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who's Hotter? The Undead Edition

Being home sick the last few days has given me time to ponder some of life's important questions. Unfortunately, the feverish brain isn't always the best judge of what qualifies as an "important question," and in this case, the brain-scrambling, gray matter liquifying, ideologically blindsiding subject I've been considering is--who's hotter, Spike or Angel?

So, stop for a second with those Bill Compton and Eric Northman debates and remember the ontological struggle you experienced when faced with a decision between Louis and Lestat. Then, remember how the whole Louis/Lestat question was disqualified due to the burned-in-your-memory portrayal of both of these characters by none other than the extremely unsexy Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, respectively. Ok, no judgement here. It's cool to get hot over what gets you hot. Be proud, nuff said. But, seriously, if you do think either of those hunks of celluloid is the spiciest spice on your Mexican pizza, do you ever really tell anyone?

Ok, I digress. Clearly, my complete lack of the hots for B.P. and T.C., respectively, as well as my valiant call for respect for the original vamps of prime time, demonstrates the unwavering importance of the Spike vs. Angel query. There you have it. Rational. Relevant. Of the upmost importance in a world filled with viral vampire media marketing campaigns.

One's got a chip in his brain, the other's got a soul.

One has a cockney drawl, the other a terrible (and I mean, terrible) Irish accent.

Both have rollicking tempers and washboard abs.

Who will it be, people? I'll let you decide.

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