Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Summer Dress

This is the first clip in a short film called A Summer Dress by Francois Ozon. I used to to be able to watch the whole film on You Tube but its been taken off. If you can get your hands on the rest I recommend it. Hot characters, beautiful filming and a simple story line that toys around with gender and sexuality make this little film a very memorable one for me.

Basically, the boy on the lawn chair is uncomfortable about being out. He leaves his passionate partner and goes to the beach where a seductress takes him into the woods and has sex with him. A case of stolen clothes and dress borrowing frees the young man from his insecurities. He wears the dress home and when his lover sees him he lustily rips the dress off, they take hold of each other and screw like never before. A happy ending for all.

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