Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Top 5 Pop-Culture-Themed Sex Toys

This past week at Nerve, I was given the arduous task of researching pop-culture-themed sex toys and writing a piece ranking them in order of greatness. (I know, my life is hard). And, while I wasn't able to go so far as to test them out, I did un-earth a wide variety of blow-up dolls, many of which I was unable to include in the list for fear they would overwhelm it.

Lucky for you, Lickety Loverrrs, I'm presenting you with the list on Nerve, and, one of my personal favorites that didn't make that list: The Beyonce Love Doll!

Yes, that's right folks, "you don't have to put a ring on this slutty siren."

Oh, my, what plumbing the depths of the internet will bring you!