Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Color Purple

Today I will be wearing purple to commemorate the recent suicides that have happened this year as a result of homophobia.

(RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase, Asher Brown, Cody J. Barker, Harrison Chase Brown, Caleb Nolt, Billy Lucas, Jeanine Blanchette, and Chantal Dube)

The video below was found on The Fashion Pirates and shows a rally for safe space.

LGBT Rally for Safe Space from Targum Editor on Vimeo.

Because I am writing on the medium of a blog, I think Tyler Clementi's story is important. Tyler's dorm roommate at Rutgers University in New Jersey, filmed him with another man and streamed the video on the Internet. This unethical display of outing shows the extent of how unsafe some communities can be towards the LGBTQ community.

However, I also feel that the Internet can be an amazing tool to connect the community together and find support. I saw an empowering video by Dan Savage and his partner Terry, in which they speak to youth about how it gets better once you are able to exit oppressive spaces.

Today I will be thinking about the importance of enforcing that safe space exists while young people are still in school. The color purple on the gay flag is meant to embody "Spirit" and if you are can see my purple outfit on my style blog HERE at FASHION MADE ME FUNKY.

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