Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lickety Split 3 is born- alive and well!

The party is over, but fresh in my heart and in my my face (undereye circles, breakouts...)
The Goods was amazing, and the Heavyweight collective who were also celebrating their 8th anniversary that night (live) painted this amazing likeness of Prince- who is total sex + a guitar! Lickety Split cookies were served, and zines were stamped. Lots of people came out just to pick up a copy of the zine and go! The afterparty at Red Bird Gallery and Studios was alive for me with crazy dance beats by DJs Backdoor and Julie D, among others. I got tipsy, had fresh conversations about porn + feminism, and danced my ass off until the cops came by around 6 or 7 in the morning on a noise complaint with, like, 15 coppers and 4 cop cars and 2 vans. My friend Giddy got a ticket for resisting the evacuation and so much chaos...but motherfuckin fun!!!
Thanks to all who came out, and big thanks to Key Kode for stapling 300 zines all day Saturday and striking the Lickety Split table at The Goods while I whirled away to Red Bird.
Lickety Split #3 should be available at Monastiraki (5478 St. Laurent) and I will be mailing off copies to Toronto and Ottawa soon as well as biking all over Montreal on Friday to get this issue ditroed while she's still in heat. I will post a list of locations once they're out. Also look out for #3 on the site soon.


Along with all this excitement, the monthly sex-related radio show AUDIO SMUT that I co-host aired last night. It's a fun new show that airs in Montreal on CKUT 90.3 FM Radio McGill, which is an amazing community radio station with a diverse schedule. I am so gald to be becoming a part of this community and to be working so steadily with my two co-hosts, Sara and Stephanie!!!
The show airs the first Wednesday of every month during the regularly scheduled Hersay hour, from 6-7pm, which also airs three other right one, women-focused shows: Owl (Older Women Live), Spitfyre (women of colour), and a show for Mum's whose title escapes me right now...I'll post it later. AUDIO SMUT has a monthly theme and yesterday's was 'sex + marriage'called "Going down on the aisle". If you missed it check out the advanced archives here. Just type in the date (May 3rd) and time (from 18:00 to 19:00, or 19:05 to make sure...).

Next month's show is called "A first time for everything", and will air June 7th, from 6-7pm. Tell your friends!!!

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