Monday, May 29, 2006

Distro-ing out the ying-yang and pretty pictures and apologies...

The lady in the above picture is Linda Darnell, star of the film Forever Amber which was based on the raunchy, historic best-seller of the same name, whose protagonist I was named after. After reading Forever Amber, which is the story of a young woman who lies, sleeps and cheats her way to the heights of aristocracy and is destined for destruction, I asked my mother why she named her first born after such a character. My mother's reaction was to become exasperated at my lack of respect for Amber's spirit and vigour, which she found truly inspiring. Moral of the story: Don't judge a woman by her sexual (mis)adventures + follow your cooch to the stars!

Still looking for your Lickety Split 3 fix? We have some new locations coming your way: in Halifax you will soon be able to pick us up at Venus Envy, 1598 Barrington Street.
Also the new issue is now in stock at the Concordia Community Solidarity Coop Bookstore, at Concordia University H-127 on the Downtown SGW Campus.
Also, Come As You Are in Toronto now has the new issue in stock- what an amazing shop! Find it at 701 Queen St W.
And as always, you can find Lickety Split at Monastiraki in the Mile End district, 5478 St. Laurent just below St. Viateur.
On-line you can get Lick-ed at, and soon on the Lickety Split site.
More locations to cum!

I wanted to apologize for three in errors in the otherwise fantabulous new issue of Lickety Split:
- The cover artist, as always, is Sherwin Tjia, not "Tia" as it is written in one instance.
- Tom Fennario's EXCELLENT story was cut off unceremoniously, so we will be publishing it in full glory on the website which should be up by Sunday June 4th.
- Also to be published on the website: the bios of the contributors which were also accidentally cut out.


THIS lady is Heather from Eux Autres, an awesome band on the Grenadine label here in Montreal. The band is cute witty and Janet Weiss produced the new record 'Hell is Eux Autres'. ALL THIS TO SAY that I will be playing an Eux Autres track on this month's edition of Audio Smut, the monthly radio show about sex on Montreal's CKUT 90.3fm. This month's show is a first time for everything, and will take a look at early childhood sexuality, sexual firsts and virginity. It's all happening June 7 from 6-7pm, and y'all can always check out the on-line CKUT archives for past shows!

amber xoxo

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