Monday, June 19, 2006

Burlesque and The Website

Hello again!

For those of you lucky enough to have gone to the launch of the second edition of Lickety Split, you should remember the late night sexy dance stylings of the 'Oops Johnny' Burlesque troupe. They are coming back with a great evening of burlesque that you should definitely check out: Lickty launch number two was only a sample. The costumes are great, the performances often funny, always titillating and all have tons of heart.

Also: I am sending out a call for volunteers to help design the new Lickety Split website. For those of you interested in beefing up your web design resume, or have talent to share, please send your resume and get in contact with me at
amber dot goodwyn at gmail dot com

Though this is an unpaid gig, refreshments, space and time will be available as well as major kudos and freebies along the way. Lickety Split is an equal opportunity "employer" and members of traditionally disadvantaged groups are encouraged to apply.

Lickety Split is a pansexual smut zine dedicated to encouraging sex-positive expression and thought. The zine promotes collaborative art making and encourages diverse contributions to climb into bed with one another, because one sexual expression just does not satisfy. Lickety Split wants to help make the masses cum with smutty photography and art, essays and stories in order to fulfill the whole human being and address the complexity of sex.


Amber xoxo

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