Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lickety Split #4 -CALL FOR SUBMISSION!


Let your friends and foes know that Lickety Split #4 is in the works
and the new submission date is SEPTEMBER 25TH!

Lickety Split is inviting artists, writers and perverts to contribute
to the 4th issue! We desire:

- People interested in collaborating on photo stories as a model, set
designer, or photographer
- Limited edition artist multiples: for the first 50 copies we invite
artists to submit a proposal to be have their work included in the
limited edition copies
- Short stories, essays/articles and interview ideas. We ask that
before you submit your interview/essay/article that you submit a short
proposal in order to make sure that the content fits with our given
- Launch party ideas/proposals/collaborations!
- …The feeling you had when you stomped on your new distortion pedal
for the very first time…
- …And the feeling you got when you pulled your much-practiced dance
move on a real dance floor, not your living room floor
- Lickety Split encourages members of traditionally disadvantaged
groups to participate and SUBMIT!

For more information and to acquire detailed submission details, do
not hesitate to contact us at " a (at) licketysplitzine (dot) com "

Visit , site available September 1st!

Stay tuned for a mini web-launchette early this fall!!!

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