Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tomorrow is the deadline for your ideas and creations!

Tomorrow, Monday September 25th, is the submission deadline! We want your proposals, story ideas, or finished works of all kinds in before 12 midnight! You can send you work to a (at) licketysplitzine (dot) com . Tell your friends and check out the Lickty Split's website for more details.


Been a bit of a crazy time around here! Sean is almost finished the website (he's waiting for me to complete the links page content), and the Friday before last I handed in the CALQ grant application that had been giving me heck. Last Sunday, I walked with Head & Hands in the annual Walk for Life and it was fun! My buddy T-Y and I dressed up in costume as "Lickety Split's Tools Fer Change" and were basially sexy, dirty blue collar workers! We raised some cash-money, but if some people wanna do the credit card thang, our page is still up and available! At the walk I was impressed to see the women over at Stella cheering and raising a fuss so early on a Sunday morning! The beautiful Seska, was walking with them, so maybe that had something to do with it.


I have some lovely newspaper-reading friends and sometimes they keep me up to date on sex in the news- thanks to Jess and Anita especially.

First off, an interesting talk:

Wed., October 25, 2006

"Boy or Girl? The Making of the Heterosexual Body in
Sex Education, 1900s-1970s"

3:30 PM to 5:30 PM | Lutz Sauerteig - University of
Durham, Center of the History of Medicine and Disease,
Sponsor: Department of Social Studies of Medicine
[calendar for this unit]
Location: 3647 Peel Street [map], Don Bates Seminar
Room 101
More information: Heike Faerber, 514-398-6033

And Colombian Gangsters Face a Sex Ban!


In not-so-great news, I will not be giving a erotic writing workshop on McGill University's Sexuality Fair Day- it was pulled for it's potential for contraversy in light of recent media tarnishings of McGill. Also, my business plan proposal (cleaned up of course as a "journal of sexuality, gender and the arts"!) was pulled from the pile being offered to John Molson School of Business students. The premise of the project was that YES and Concordia's business school were working together to hook-up young entrepreneurs (such as myself )with graduating students in order to devise viable business plans. Students would have the opportunity to select which projects they would, or would not, like to work on. Unfortunately, this option was not offered to the stud's in my case as some folks on Concordia's side decided to pull it. This was not a particularily contraversial propsal- I mean YES approved it for the project in the first place. I suppose this gives the zine more street cred? I may write an article about this soon.

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