Friday, February 09, 2007

Sexy Reading and Writing Workshop

Originally titled "Write-Your-Own Erotica Workshop", this newly named beast premiered as a V-Day McGill fundraising activity in February 2007! All proceeds from this workshop support Lickety Split zine.

Purpose: The Sexy Reading and Writing Circle is a creative space where salacious thoughts get written down and spoken out into the world! The circle embraces diversity and creates a safe space to articulate and share erotic ideas and kinky feelings through a series of games, exercises and readings.

Practice: The circle initiates self-expression and awareness by involving the group in dialogue forming exercises. The participants express themselves via guided writing exercises that help expand each individual’s sex vocabulary and to take turns listening. Everyone is encouraged to create their idea of sexy writing, explore the origin of that idea and to expand those ideas into inspired, meaningfully hot passages. The discussion of desire and sensual experiences is encouraged to tap into creative reserves. First encounters with erotica/porn/smut will also be discussed along with internalized clichés and narrative modes.

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