Friday, February 23, 2007

Launch tonight! + Pop cast

This fourth issue of Lickety Split smut zine is bursting the sides of its corset. 84 pages of hot, smart smut make this the biggest issue yet. Lickety Split is launching the fabulous fourth issue with a pimped-out party featuring music by Lil’ Pip, backed up by the Dead Doll Dancers, Flames! and Trancelvania with pornographic projections by the Double Negative Collective. Dance party apres with DJ Backdoor.

When: Friday, February 23rd, 9pm
Where: Club Lambi, 4465 St- Laurent, just below Mont-Royal
How much: $7 gets you a copy of the zine and an eyeful of the show

about Issue #4: This issue of Lickety Split features interviews with living legend Annie Sprinkle, photos of the lovely Seska, Rick Trembles interview, our first man-on-man action, lots of action in general, unearthed coming-of-age diary entries and much, much more! Also, follow the simple directions in the zine and download the accompanying podcast (care of Andrew Rose) to enhance your Lickety experience.

Podast is here

More about the podcast by Andrew Rose:
Naked in a bubble over the city with Trancelvania, Lil Pip, party plans, Flames!, Begging the Question with Love in Ruins, Annie Sprinkle, a new love song by Miracle Fortress, and tons of orgasms.

Though I'm sure Ghostface has technically rendered podcasts I have done in the past explicit, this is the first that should probably carry the explicit tag explicitly. That said, it's about time the PopCast/the Mass... presented something properly profane and holy. Pansexual sex-positive Montreal smut zine Lickety Split sets the agenda here (for the first proper collaborative crossover episode of any kind), as editor Amber Goodwyn and I discuss sex, music, the launch party for number 4 of Lickety Split (tonight, Friday the 23rd at Club Lambi!), and play some music from said accompanying party. It also features numerous contributors via Amber, her radio show, and Lickety Split, and is a pretty funny, sexy, and honest document. Ultimately, for all of-age constitutions, should you wish to join us. And why not?

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