Thursday, March 29, 2007

:::Mangos with Chili: Sweat, Sweets and Nightmares:::

:::Mangos with Chili: Sweat, Sweets and Nightmares:::
A Queer and Trans People of Colour Cabaret

THURSDAY, APRIL 5th, doors @ 8pm
Le Studio, 2109 St. Laurent Blvd
(wheelchair accessible venue)
$5 at the door, no one turned away. ALL AGES

ASL interpretation is available upon request with 48 hours notice.
For more information about the event or to request ASL interpretation,
call 514-848-2424 ext. 7431 or email centre2110 @

Mangos with Chili: the floating cabaret of QTPOC bliss, dreams, sweat,
sweets and nightmares, is coming to Montreal. On Thursday, April 5th the
multi-cultural, multi-gendered and multi-genre traveling cabaret of queer and
trans of colour (QTPOC) performance artists will be making a stop here
during their Northeast tour, where they will be joined by local QTPOC
performers and DJs. Be sure to also check out the QPOC Fleshtival on Friday April 6th
(more details below).

Using theater, spoken word, drag, dance and performance art to tell
stories of class, survival, sex, dreams, magic, colour, and trans,
femme and genderqueer identities that span Sri Lanka to Aztlan to
Morocco to the Philippines to the Caribbean to Brooklyn to migrant
small town Washington state, Mangos With Chili is a groundbreaking
performance cabaret, taking This Bridge Called My Back into the 21st
century. Inspired by similar traveling roadshows such as the Tranny
Roadshow and the Sex Workers Art Show, in 2006 sister femme vixen
writers and performance artists Maria Cristina Rangel and Leah Lakshmi
Piepzna-Samarasinha decided to start a similar tour featuring the most
brilliant queer and trans artists of colour they knew. Using their
experience creating events in Toronto, Boston, New York and the West
Coast, the first Mangos With Chili tour hit the Northeast in April

This year's Mangos with Chili will be another two weeks of
history-making performance, in celebration of their lives, stories,
survival, and the legacies they are creating for future generations of
queer and trans people of colour. The spring lineup consists of Thomas
Andre Bardwell, Kay Barrett, Ching-In Chen, Dulani, Leah Lakshmi
Piepzna-Samarasinha, Maria Cristina Rangel (aka Miss Cherry Galette),
Suhayl Ramirez, Ignacio Rivera, and Victor Tobar. The show contains
both collaborative and individual work, bringing a wide spectrum of
breathtaking queer and trans artists of color to universities,
community colleges and community art spaces.

Mangos with Chili is being co-presented by Queer McGill, the 2110
Centre for Gender Advocacy, Q-team, the South-West MTL Community Skill
Share, CKUT Radio 90.3 and the Union for Gender Empowerment.

Fleshtival: QPOC (Queer People of Colour) porn, twister, and dance-a-thon!
FRIDAY, APRIL 6th, doors @ 10pm
Ste Emilie Skillshare, 3942 Ste. Emilie (metro St. Henri)
(NOT a wheelchair accessible venue)
Open to all who identify as indigenous, POC (people of colour),
(e)raced, aboriginal, '(in)visible minority', mixed race, non-white,
anyone who's racialized, etc.
For more information, please contact

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