Monday, March 05, 2007

The Lickety Split # 4 Launch Party was fun, y'all!

Lil' Pip with RCG and the Dead Doll Dancers!
Lil' Pip, RCG and the Dead Dollz part 2!
Lickety Split #4 is out in the city and was birthed at the arty/messy/rockin' launch at Club Lambi. Check out this little PG rated video by livemtl's features moostashs galore, music by Flames! and a coupla crotch shots. The pix are of Lil' Pip backed up by a coupla Dead Doll Dancers and you can find more launch photos over at this blog post. And if you missed out on the action, check out the new issue here!

Thanks to Trancelvania + Double Negative Collective as well as Mike, Erin, Marty, Sherwin, Giddy, Lola Gouine, Sean in the T-Dot and anyone else I'm forgetting!


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