Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Expozine was a hoot! (check out these photos)

Aw man, I looove Expozine! "Montreal's Annual Small Press, Comic and Zine Fair" is something of a milestone for a lot of indie publshers and artists in this city. It functions as a place to celebrate and sell some amazing and beautiful/weird/wacky art as well as a deadline for many others who are looking for one. I think that many folks in this milieu understand challenges that can come up in terms of ones motivation, and personally, Expozine always reaffirms how awesome this city is in terms of creative output.
But anywhoo. Here are some photos by Sherwin Tjia, a longtime Lickety Split collaborator (for example, he's our official cover artist). I'm throwing in a couple of us at the end from the Faggity Ass Queer Stripper-ganza too!
The Lickety Split table, directly next to Sherwin's table, separated only by our Slow Dance Night Poster!
Amber, Kathleen and Sherwin!
The throngs of art adoring fans! Please buy our smut!
K$ representing behind the table on Sunday!
Gamble's dog Lucy is a sexy bitch.
Our loverly Sherwin (at the strip show)...
Et moi! Pushing zines as always...co-tablers for LIFE!(also, at the queer strip show)
Thanks to all who came out and bought Lickety Split stuff or just came by to say hi!!!!!!


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