Friday, November 16, 2007

Zinester to check out: Spencer Butt!

After reading a review in Broken Pencil of Spencer Butt's zine/chapbook "I wish raptors still existed so I could get disemboweled and finally spill my guts to someone", I decided to to get a copy. He happily suggested a trade and included a copy of the more recent "My name is Scientist". I love them both!!! Here is an excerpt from the poem "I wish I was a poet" from ""Sometimes I wish raptors...":

I want to spread your legs apart with a sense of wonder, as
if I'm opening the closet to Narnia
and I wanna be lion, bewitched in the many folds and
crevices of your dirty, little wardrobe.

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1 comment:

spencer said...

i'm glad you liked the books! i would also love the trade to take place and get a copy or two of your books!

Spencer -