Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dink in a Box: Shannon Gerard!

From the inimitable Shannon Gerard, past Lickety Split contributor and all-around fascinating person:

I know you know at least one person who would love a Boob for Christmas!

Nothing tells that special mohel in your life how much you appreciate them more than a Dink for Hanukkah!

And to quote the indefatigable Justin Timberlake: "Kwanzza. Dink in a box."

There are three-- yes THREE-- chances in the next two weeks for you to make these holiday dreams come true.

On Saturday December 1st (this weekend!), I'll be taking part in CITY OF CRAFT-- a new event being held this year in the Theatre Centre at 1087 Queen Street West. That's the basement of the Great Hall at Queen and Dovercourt. The event runs from 11AM til 8PM. There are over 60 vendors selling handmade, locally produced crafty goodness. There are workshops and demos happening all day (I'm teaching folks how to crochet their very own dinky finger puppets between 1 and 2PM) and admission is totally free!

More details at

On Sunday December 2nd (the very next day), I'll be at the OCAD BOOK ARTS FAIR. 100 McCaul Street on the second floor. 11AM til 5PM. More handmade heaven, but this time with an emphasis on books and prints. There are also some amazing deals on letterpress paraphernalia, papermaking supplies, and book related ephemera.

More details on facebook, here:

The next weekend, Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th-- there are two parties happening at ART METROPOLE as part of their annual GIFTS BY ARTISTS show and sale. On both Saturday and Sunday between 2PM and 5PM, you can stop by Art Met-- 788 King Street West-- for a drink and dink, a boozy booby, and first dibs on some pretty amazing multiples and artists books they'll have for sale. The sale runs til January 5th.

More details and gorgeous photographs here:

Consider supporting local artists and buying handmade this year. If you can't make it out to these events, or if you are interested in taking a peek at some of the stuff I've been making lately, check out my ETSY SHOP:

Etsy is the most amazing international online marketplace for all things handmade.

Seasonal Joy and Love from me to you!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Check us out at the Flea Affair this Saturday!

If you missed us at Expozine and still have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, come say hi to the gentle mannered folks behind the Lickety Split table at the Flea Affair! This is an awesome event organized by cool ladies (one of whom is Jill our events organizer, of Quel Damage-Episode Design fame)and is going down in the Mile End. Be there or be square!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Expozine was a hoot! (check out these photos)

Aw man, I looove Expozine! "Montreal's Annual Small Press, Comic and Zine Fair" is something of a milestone for a lot of indie publshers and artists in this city. It functions as a place to celebrate and sell some amazing and beautiful/weird/wacky art as well as a deadline for many others who are looking for one. I think that many folks in this milieu understand challenges that can come up in terms of ones motivation, and personally, Expozine always reaffirms how awesome this city is in terms of creative output.
But anywhoo. Here are some photos by Sherwin Tjia, a longtime Lickety Split collaborator (for example, he's our official cover artist). I'm throwing in a couple of us at the end from the Faggity Ass Queer Stripper-ganza too!
The Lickety Split table, directly next to Sherwin's table, separated only by our Slow Dance Night Poster!
Amber, Kathleen and Sherwin!
The throngs of art adoring fans! Please buy our smut!
K$ representing behind the table on Sunday!
Gamble's dog Lucy is a sexy bitch.
Our loverly Sherwin (at the strip show)...
Et moi! Pushing zines as for LIFE!(also, at the queer strip show)
Thanks to all who came out and bought Lickety Split stuff or just came by to say hi!!!!!!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Do you hear what I hear? : The Sound Sex Project

Recently Mark Harris, a local musician in the band On Bodies and a Concordia University Media Studies MA candidate, sent me an e-mail giving me a heads up about a new project he's been putting together entitled the Sound Sex Project. Here's what he has to say about it:

Music becomes imbued with meaning through the myriad of ways that we use sound and song in our daily lives.

The Sound Sex Project seeks to explore how sound articulates desire, and how people use music to orchestrate their sexual encounters.

I began thinking about the links between sound, music, sex and arousal in an attempt to write about audio in pornography. My critique of the porn soundtracks was that sound quality seemed to be of less concern than image, that the noises of bodies and voices were often muted, and that pornographic scores were often cheesy, bland and repetitive.

Yet, in reading theorist Tia DeNora, whose work has informed this project, I was faced with my own arrogance. Who was I to deem what kind of music might or might not instigate sexual activity? Everyone uses music and sound in a different way.

This is where the Sound Sex Project needs your help. I would love any varying degree of participation, but my basic request is:

-Please send me the name of an audio track and artist which you have played during a sexual encounter. If you have an mp3 file of the sound/song, e-mail that as well. Please send your submission to:

I will post all submissions chronologically on my blog, so please indicate if you would like your name to be used, if you would like to use a pseudonym, or if you would rather remain anonymous.

My aim is to compile a Sound Sex Project mix CD for everyone who participates. After the first compilation has been completed, feel free to submit to the project again.

I would love to post additional information about your song choice. If you are willing to share more than just the sound selection, other information you might include could be:

-your biographical info
-how your musical choice affected your sexual encounter
-what type of technology you used to play your soundtrack
-why you chose that particular work
-any other thoughts or reflections

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you. Once again, please send all entries to:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're at Expozine this Saturday and Sunday!

Expozine will take place on Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25, 2007, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 5035 St-Dominique (Église Saint-Enfant Jésus, between St-Joseph and Laurier, near Laurier Métro). Free admission.

This incredible event brings together over 250 creators of all kinds of printed matter – from books to zines to visual art and comics – in both English and French. In the past six years, Expozine has become one of North America's largest small press fairs, attracting thousands of visitors as well as exhibitors from as far afield as Chicago, Halifax, New York, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec City!

Expozine brings together a multitude of publications and printed works that are often difficult to find in the first place, much less altogether in the same room! The result is a rare opportunity to peruse the work of hundreds of young and emerging authors, publishers and artists, and to see what the winners of last year’s Expozine Alternative Press Awards are up to. Not to be missed!

Check out our store!


Vagina Dentata Movie!

Okay, so the trailer for this flick looks incredibly misogynistic; I still intend to cackle my way through it. The gyno scene alone is worth the price of admission. Who's with me?

Image 1 from
Image 2 from Google images

Tampon Turkey

The things crafty people come up with. What kind of gravy would you serve with that?

For the recipe, go to

Friday, November 16, 2007

Zinester to check out: Spencer Butt!

After reading a review in Broken Pencil of Spencer Butt's zine/chapbook "I wish raptors still existed so I could get disemboweled and finally spill my guts to someone", I decided to to get a copy. He happily suggested a trade and included a copy of the more recent "My name is Scientist". I love them both!!! Here is an excerpt from the poem "I wish I was a poet" from ""Sometimes I wish raptors...":

I want to spread your legs apart with a sense of wonder, as
if I'm opening the closet to Narnia
and I wanna be lion, bewitched in the many folds and
crevices of your dirty, little wardrobe.

To get in contact with Butt check out

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Launch #5 reviewed in The McGill Daily

Check it out here:

An excerpt:
"...After my private show was done, the others moved on to other innocent newbies, bouncing their tassled breasts mere inches from their faces. With all this excitement and sexual ease, it was no surprise that my shirt magically came off towards the end of the night. I was even considering working with these ladies. I then realized, listening to local band Starvin’ Hungry rock it out, that this was Lickety Split’s mission: to create an atmosphere that promotes unbridled sexual expression in a healthy, fun and hilarious setting. "

Yeah. Article by Linda Issa.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

lickety split oddcast no. 5 side b

SIDE B: lickety split in your dreams


or indyist podcast land

deeper in sleep, whisps of significance are unarticulatable by my waking self: only the echoing residue of experience. the strange makes me anxious, like a forgotten meeting. or a breakfast slept through. better to relax ride it out, shake it loose, wave like seaweed always. a little militantness in lifestyle, and less dust and debris covering me in the morning.



Angelo Badalamenti
Sandy Bull
Bob Dylan & The Hawks
Richard P. Feynman
R. Buckminster Fuller
Kristy Heeren
Les Rallizes Denudes
Charles Manson
Stephen P. McGreevy’s sound recordings of “earth’s mysterious natural VLF radio phenomena”
Santiago Mutumbajoy

Friday, November 09, 2007

Queereaction Weekend!

We're tabling Saturday and Sunday and will be making an appearance at the awesome Faggity Ass Stripshow Saturday night!!!!


More Lickety Split smut zine launch photos on!

Check them out here! Thanks to Marilis Cardinal who took all the fine shots!!!!
Dead Dollz:
Alex from PARLOVR:

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Photos from the Lickety Split #5 at Zoobizarre! (more to cum)

All photos by Sabrina Ratté.
John of Starvin Hungry
Scott of Starvin Hungry
The crowd dances!
Naughty bits!
Bow tie!

Check out a review of the night at Solid Waste.

Lickety Split #5 press links!

Check us out in Brendan Murphy's Hour column, y'all:

...and also the lovely article in the MTL Mirror by Sacha Jackson!

...and a mention in Johnson Cummins' column: