Tuesday, January 22, 2008

lickety split oddcast no. 5 side c

lickety split in your ears

winter is the death of biking, and we are prisoners of the metro, chugging along obligingly down their unimaginative paths. the wind in my hair has been replaced by the shadow of my enormous tuque and the heavy itch of an undone winter coat. breathe deep and eat tomatoes and fish and listen to the oddcast while stuck underground until the surface is safe for life again, here in the metropolis of extremes.

so you can
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No 5 side c

Tim Buckley
Leonard Cohen with John Bilezikjian on oud
Current 93
“I Remember Jeep” jam from All Things Must Pass recording sessions with George Harrison, Ginger Baker, Klaus Voormann, Billy Preston and Eric Clapton
Dan Gibson’s field recordings of the arctic
Stephen P. McGreevy’s sound recordings of “earth’s mysterious natural VLF radio phenomena”
The Melvins
Toshiya Tsunoda
+ unshielded AM radio recordings, backwards talking by Nick Cabelli

a note on backwards talking:

it takes FOREVER, so think of this oddcast as unfinished. it was supposed to last until the start of Song of the Siren, and then be spoken again in french (in backwards) where Lover Lover Lover is. it would have sounded something like

"On my balcony there are grapes. But the grapes are gone; and the birds eat the grapes. Are the birds gone too?

I have never been anywhere; where they don’t speak English or French. Beyond my balcony is my street. It is probably connected to yours, but who wants to prove it?

I do not remember clearly anything we have ever said to each other. A brief connection, but then more miasma: a thousand highway off-ramps scream like dinosaurs and banshees before suddenly dust and mountains.

On the phone I trace the map with my fingers. These moments are like dreams to me."


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