Monday, February 18, 2008

no orgasms, no dicks

indian intranet provider bans words;

complete list unavailable

complete list probably doesn't exist.

secret "team" decides what words are okay
and lets a room of computers do the rest.

banned words include, but are not limited to, "orgasm" "orgy" "sexual climax" "dik or dick" "dam or dammit"

from an editorial in the times of india.

"in our article we had described a flock of wild pigeons landing at the edge of a desert pond and having 'an orgy of spray bathing'. We had used the word orgy in its dictionary meaning of 'a celebration in general'. On the 28th, we sent a registered letter to VSNL chairman, pointing out the absurdity, and illegality, of his company's expurgating policy. We have not, as yet, received any reply."

comment directly to the newspaper here

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