Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's a Word's Worth?

I think I'm in love! A "Wordy Rappinghood" cover by Chicks on Speed? Yes, please.

I've been on a pretty tight writing deadline over the past few days and during my dancearoundmyroom breaks I've been listening to the Tom Tom Club version of this song on a loop.

My favourite line: "Words are like a certain person--don't say what they mean, don't mean what they say."

Seriously, I want to have an art orgy with all the members of chicks on speed and Tina Weymouth from Tom Tom Club where we're all clad in asymmetrical paper dresses and yell out catchy lyrics about semiotics as we're cumming. David Byrne can join in too.

Added bonus: "Glamour Girl" by Chicks on Speed.

Can these women do no wrong? I love the trashy, European dance video from the 90s feel almost as much as I like making fun of myself while I sing this song.

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