Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Work Issue Muse: Depeche Mode's Master and Servant

In response to Jenny's enthusiastic post about Nouvelle Vague's cover of "Master and Servant," I've decided to post the original. Well known for their ability to make you think of dark, sexy, forbidden things faster than you can whisper your safe word, Depeche Mode excels at fetishizing power relations every time lead singer Dave Gahan opens his mouth.

This song and video in particular comments on the oppressive everyday power relations that make our (capitalist) world turn in a way that reflects some of the thoughts I've been having about what kind of content I'd like to include in the upcoming work issue.

Folks who take a pro-BDSM stance often talk about the way in which these everyday oppressive power relations can be subverted through sexual play. Depeche Mode says "it's a lot like life."

I think I'll be listening to this quite a bit while I try and come up with the kinkiest way possible to bring representations of capitalist exploitation to their knees in the next issue.

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