Monday, April 19, 2010


I finished school today and summer has flung itself on my doorstep. And I say, there's no better way to celebrate than to vote Lickety Split for Montreal Mirror's Best Maga/zine (obvi) and listen to Best Coast. The music perfectly cultivates a summer time breeziness… lazy wine drinking, pool hopping, rooftops, dancing to S Club 7 and rollin up the rim on a Horny Tim's coffee cup (WIN!) The California duo make me want to ride my bike down Parc street when its morning and the air is balmy singing out loud "I thought of you-ooooh--ohh-oooh-oh" and not caring who sees me (well, kinda caring, but not enough to stop). They make me want to fall onto that mattress on the floor in a shoe box bedroom with no air conditioning and make out for hours and hours. Best Coast makes me wanna smoke a joint, in a meadow where the grass is tall and the sky is blue (and I don’t even like weed) Bethany's voice purrs out, right at you - she sings about wishing you liked her more, how she has fun when she’s with you, how there’s something in the way you say her name. I went to the show the other night and when she sang, “I want you. I want you...soooo much” I wanted to scream, “I’m yours! I will fuck you right here, right now.” In my best (coast) fantasy, she blinks her doe eyes at me, sways behind her guitar and simply says, “Rad.”

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