Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fight the good fight!

So, as wrangler of Lickety Split and a worker at a local youth organization, I have decided to take action regarding HIV/AIDS prevention by participating in the annual Ça Marche walk organized by the Farha Foundation! The Farha Foundation has distributed more than $7.1M to AIDS organizations throughout Quebec providing care and services as well as AIDS prevention and education programs. I will be walking on September 16th and have chosen to support Head & Hands' Sense Project with the funds I raise.

Here's why:
In 2005, the Quebec educational reform essentially eliminated sexual education from the required curriculum at a time when the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are alarmingly high among Canadian youth. Last year, Head & Hands launched The Sense Project in order to support high schools with comprehensive sexual education in light of this reform. That's why I've chosen Head & Hands to benefit from my walk!

Sponsor me here, please, and I'll add you to the HF list!

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alexmegelas said...

I GOTS to get me one of those oversized teeshirts!