Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We're on tour baby!

Experimental video and audio about sex
& American launch of Lickety Split smut zine

Sunday, Aug. 26th 2007, 8-9:30pm
@ Spark Art Space, 1005 E. Fayette St.
$5 suggested donation

Curated by Amber Goodwyn, with work by Kathleen K-R, Lamathilde, Nicole Koschmann, Scott Stark, Anita Schoepp, Peter Miller, Elin Gustafson, Jackie Gallant and Dayna MacLeod, and more.

Presented by Lickety Split, organized with the support of Syracuse Experimental (Film & Media Workshop) and The Warehouse Gallery, in combination with the exhibition, COME ON: Desire Under The Female Gaze.

Mature audiences only.


alexmegelas said...

Can we get a follow-up report in a Hunter S Thompson stylee... say Amber, crazed on mescaline and frothing at the mouth while Mike 's babbling/waving a machete at art students, kathleen, coldly witnessing from within an acid induced daze.

Kathleen, Frisky Freelancer said...

That's so close to what happened it's not even funny.

alexmegelas said...

Mescaline! Mescaline! Mescaline!