Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New zine on anxiety looking for submissions!

From the Ste-Emilie Skill Share
Were putting together a zine about anxiety, accompanying depression, and dealing. We want to make a zine on anxiety that is:

Personal: We can share stories about our experiences with anxiety with the goal of softening blows and fostering support in our community.

Political: Bringing in analyses including but not limited to race, class, gender, ability that are often hard to find in resources on anxiety and depression.

Practical: Methods of how we ground ourselves and/or deal, talking about signs of anxiety attacks and how to be allies to friends with anxiety. Were looking for submissions on/about:

- Comics/stories about anxiety/depression especially personal experiences of youth, poc, migrants, indigenous peoples, queers, trans.
- Art/drawings
- Signs, symptoms and general information about anxiety and depression
-Substance use ( perscription and non) and anxiety
- Methods of dealing, including harm reduction
- The politics of mental health, the standardization of normalcy and sanity, and so on.

As well as:
-General collaboration
-Help with layout and editing
-Recommended articles, books, websites, zines on anxiety and depression
-Personal Reviews of Mental Heath services in Montreal (i.e. counselors and therapists)

Submissions can be sent to this address:
anxiety_zine (at) or to 4824 cazelais, montreal, quebec , h4c 1e7.
by september 15th 2007

P.S . Sub can be made anonymous.

-- Ste-Emilie Skill Share
3942 Ste. Emilie * Montreal PQ *
H4C 2A1 * Metro Place St. Henri

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