Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lickety Split is for Moms, Too

How awesome/cute is this? On a recent visit to Montreal, my Mommy insisted on purchasing the two most recent issues of LS so she could have them for her very own. A sweet kid with a spunky penchant for burlesque and dirty stories, I will always be grateful for having such supportive parents. For months my mother begged me to let her read "Something Hard on the Rocks" in LS #4 and in spite of a chorus of naysayers, I finally did. You know what her reaction was? "That wasn't so bad. From the way you warned me against reading it, I had expected it to be really out there." So, aside from now knowing my Mom might just have kinkier taste than I do, I've realized it's possible to come clean with my parents about my art. Heck, I even introduced my last boyfriend to my father at a drag king show while wearing little more than a negligee and pasties! Ok, I may be a little brazen, slightly insane and a whole lotta lucky, but the point here is that it can be just as important for us smutsters to receive recognition from those family members we hold near and dear. And I say, give these people a chance. You never know when it could be your mom/uncle/little brother flying the flag of Lickety!

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