Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sometimes Inspiration Cums on Wednesday

"I guess I'm lucky I was made a freak before I could choose to be one, cuz I got no illusions about the pseudo-rebellion that's being marketed at my generation. [But] the media and the corporations will always be a step behind life, and the true rebels, freaks and queers (and there are many) continue to write our own stories, to paint our own lives, to sew our own clothes and to sow our own seeds. We are the ones choosing to be our free and freaky selves, always making a scene in the most inappropriate places, spitting defiantly in the face of authority and its values, wearing our Friday-night best, dancing like fiends toward revolution. Life is a cabaret, my friends."

-Nomy Lamm, a self-described "fat, sleazy, one-legged anarchist dyke [and] a total hottie," in Fishnets, Feather Boas and Fat, 1998.

Photo of Cammie Mudflaps by J.Goldsmith.

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