Monday, April 07, 2008

slowdance oddcast

(lickety split oddcast no. 6 side b)


a little warm up for the big slowdance prom on april 11 at sala rossa, promised to be "The Most Important Night of Your Life!"

"Door Prize Pack Draws!
A Lending Library of Resident Dancers!
A Photobooth for the Fashion-Passionate!

The night will be lit by a Mirrorball & the
Projections of Prom Scenes from over 20 movies!

Dress Fancy! Fantastic attire, while not
required, is greatly desired.

This is a queer & senior friendly event."

i won't be there. i don't dance. though i do enjoy sitting in the dark. this really does sound like a lovely evening, and i wish i was more of an extrovert.

then again: who would make the oddcasts?

oddcast dance card

"no moon at all" by nana miskouri
"something's on your mind" by karen dalton
"maggot brain" by parliament
"open heart surgery" by brian jonestown massacre
"blue melody" by tim buckley
"oh deed i do" by donovan. (ALL HAIL DONOVAN!!!)

plus some tv on the radio, stephen mcgreevy's recording of the earth's magnetosphere and dan gibson's swamp sounds.

for more info on the actual slowdancing (april 11) check out, and

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