Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lick it! Tonight!!!!

Hey, you! Yeah, you.

I know yr kinda beat from all that awesome stuff you've been doing all week, organizin' and workin' and reinventing yr place in the world and all that, but I just wanted to give you heads up on an amazing dance party that's happening tonight up at Il Motore.

You see, the incomparable Kate L. and Nora R., otherwise known as DJ Noisy Nora and DJ Kate L., the laydeez who are responsible for bringing you some of the most kick-ass queer events the ile of Montreal has to offer, are kicking off their third edition of Lick it! tonight, and well, your attendence is a must.

I know your going, man, my head's about to explode with all this awesomeness. Lick It on Thursday, D.I.Y. porn workshop on Friday, Gaylord o' rama strip o' Ganza on Saturday....this is just too good to be true.

And yes, it's pretty frickin' amazing, but dude, it's real, and that's how we're bringin' it to you this weekend, so be prepared.

Lick it info:
Join us for the third edition of Lick It! @ Il Motore. This is Little Italy's newest dance party, come dance it up.


DJ Kate L. is partying like it's 1979. Expect music that is funky, soulful, disco-filled, and rapped in that oh-so-sugarhill-fashion. Of course all this comes baked with just the slightest hint of new wave thrown into the mix. Expect the usual suspects: Prince, Donna Summer, Sugarhill Gang, The Supremes, Salt'n'Pepa and many more

DJ Riotghost will be throwing down all things related to discopunk & electroclash. If it is guitar based, you're likely to hear it. Come for the Gang of Four, P.I.L., and Talking Heads and stay for the Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, and Kap Bambino.

DJ Noisy Nora will be splashing you with her queer southern California waves. Expect to hear everything from pop to grime to electro to hip hop & a lil' something for the punks. Fans of grrrls, remixes, and Latin vibes take note. Expect to hear: The Tings Tings, Santogold, M.I.A., George Micheal.

+ A different veryspecialawesome guest every time


Il Motore
179 Jean Talon West
Bus - #55 or 363 St. Laurent, 80 Parc or 365 Parc
Metro - Jean Talon, de Castelneau, or Parc

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